IOS5 | The Apple Daily - Part 4


Apple Eyeing on Bringing Movie Streaming to iCloud Services

Apple Released the iCloud Services for public yesterday along with the release of the iOS 5 update and Mac OSX Lion 10.7 update yesterday for the users to share music, videos, books, application data and backups, from your Mac and iOS devices in Apple’s cloud with 5GB free storage space and premium upgrade options for more storage space.

You get the cloud storage with lots of storage space and multiple devices connectivity options and other media options,but apple thinking about expanding the services to add some spice to it.According to Los  Angeles Times apple is thinking about going Hollywood with the services and bringing Movies to the iCloud Services.

If the sources are to be believed,they are already in the talks with major hollywood studios to finalize a deal which would eventually allow the consumers of the iCloud service to buy the Movies  via iTunes and access them on any Apple device.The services are expected to begin in the last month of this year or the first quarter of 2012.

This is rather an interesting service concept since having stored digital films in the cloud, instead of allowing the  buyers to manage the digital copy of it  themselves on a computer or other device, will definitely help the users so that they can make it accessible easily anytime anywhere.

Safari 5.1.1 is available for Download with iCloud support

Apple has launched new version of their web browser Safari into public domain, new version of Safari is packaged as a part of the OS X Lion 10.7.2 update. Safari 5.1.1 features a host of new updates & changes, with iCloud support being the most awaited one.

Safari 5.1.1 includes support for iCloud, with free Cloud services,  iCloud stores your Safari bookmarks and Safari Reading List and automatically pushes them to all your devices. New safari offers Reading List which is similar to Instapaper.

With iCloud support, Apple has managed to provide speed boost over the previous version, with Safari 5.1.1 apparently possessing 13% better JavaScript performance over 5.1. New version has other improvements too which includes improved PDF handling, improved ‘Pinch to Zoom’ efficiency and improved printing.

You can download Safari 5.1.1 for Windows and Mac by heading over to this link.

Find My Friend App is Now Available for iOS5 Users

As announced earlier by Apple,  Apple has just release Find My Friend app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch running on iOS5.

By using Find My Friend app iOS 5 user will be able to locate their friends & families easily from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. To this handy  app a user just need to install this free app on your iOS 5 device & sign in with Apple ID to use it with iCloud.

The functioning of this app is pretty cool, Adding a friend just need to send a request to see their location & once that friend accept your request the you can see his location on list or on the map. Users can also choose to share their location for limited period of time with a group of friend.

Use Find My Friends to keep track of your travelling companions when you’re on vacation. or to see if the kinds are home from school or to find the friends you’re meeting for dinner. At the end of the day user will get a cool app on their iOS5.


• Easily locate friends and family
• Temporary sharing option
• Simple privacy controls
• Parental restrictions
• Free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

iCloud Out of Beta, Goes Public

iCloud service which has been in the talking for a while now is out of the beta phase and is available for  the general public. Though till now we haven’t seen the official public release of iOS 5 or the Mac OSX 10.7 Lion which are required for setting up the account over the iCloud, but it’s only matter of hours till those get publicly released.

iCloud service  allows us to store data , such as music, videos, books, application data and backups, from your Mac and iOS devices in Apple’s cloud,so its easy to manage and share the data with other devices which can be connected to the services. Upto 10 devices can be connected for free with 5GB of Storage Space and with upgradable options if you run out of the 5GB space with upgrade options like 10 GB for $20 per year, 20 GB for $40 per year or 50 GB for $100 per year.

In other news iTunes 10.5 was also pushed so that the users can upgrade their Operating Systems to iOS 5 when it releases.

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Twitter for iOS 5 Released

With the release of iOS 5 due tomorrow, the third party service providers are making a beeline to get their apps up and ready for Apple’s latest mobile operating system.Twitter has just released an update to its popular iPhone app, rendering it officially ready for the imminent takeover of iOS 5.

Due to Twitter’s extended integration with iOS 5, from now on users need not  enter their login details more than once. Your Twitter username and password can be essentially hard-coded into your device through the Settings app so that any other Twitter client (or app requiring of your twitter credentials) will automatically be able to login without you having to re-enter your password. The only thing you have to deal with is a  popup through which you confirm or deny access, and you’ll be ready to rumble.

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AirPort Utility For iOS 5 to manage AirPort for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

iOS provides a lot of settings for the users to manage the way iDevices work and interact with the environment. However it always focued on providing an easy and intuitive way to manage things.

One of these settings is managing Wifi. The way iOS handled it till now was via a very simple mechanism providing very little advanced network configuration settings.

But now with iOS 5, Apple is providing users with its famous AirPort like utility which is currently the de-facto Wireless Manager in OS X.

Users will be able to use a small app named as AirPort Utility to manage networks. User can download apps from App Store.

AirPort Express is a ‘lite’ version of Apple’s main AirPort Extreme router , which is device just cost for hundred bucks will boast Ethernet, USB & audio jack built in, which provide a cost effective way of streaming music across a network & sharing printers in one small device. This device implementation is of 802.11n support.















As well as the somewhat entry-level Express model, the Cupertino-based company also retails a more feature-rich hub, known as the AirPort Extreme. Looking considerably more like a traditional router, it sells for the significantly higher price of $179. AirPort Express is designed for those individuals, or small groups of users in a relatively confined area, the Extreme is aimed at the business types seeking a larger wireless field. The Time Capsule, which Apple introduced back in January 2008, is essentially AirPort Extreme with a large hard drive inside useful for storing Time Machine backups.

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First iPhone 4S Delivered to German Customers before Official Launch

Yesterday we reported about  some of the carriers have already started shipping the iPhone 4S the successor to the iPhone4 which was revealed last week in an event and got a record breaking opening for preorders.

The device is hitting the stores on 14th of this month,but already before the official launch,German customers have got their first hands on the iPhone4S right before the official launch which is still 3 days away from now, as reported earlier today by MacRumors.

There’s been a lot of criticism from the enthusiasts about the iPhone 4S mostly because of them expecting a iPhone 5 with a new design and features but the overall response to the sells shows us a contrasting picture, with earlier reports about AT&T selling 200,000 devices in 12hrs of preorders, other reports suggests that the device hit the 1 million mark within first 24 hours of its pre-orders and going out of stock in most of the places.


SBSettings Beta updates released for iOS5

According to a recent post on TheBigBoss, a number of changes are expected to come through on the SBSettings for iOS5. For those of you already having iPhone might be familiar with the SBSettings but for those who are new to the term here is a simple explanation. SBSettings is a jailbreak application that brings various toggle switches directly to iPhone’s home screen that are available in the Settings app.


  • Notification center integration.
  • User’s choice of using the old style window or the notification center. Or both.
  • User chooses which toggles to appear in notification and window sections.
  • Current SBSettings toggles should be supported.
  • Current themes should work in notification area as well.
  • User gets to choose what will be displayed in notification section. More button row, no more button row, the extra text, no extra text, the dock, the toggles, no toggles at all, or any combination. The notification area is a limited screen resources so it’s up to the user to decide how he/she wants to use it.

Here are a couple of screen shots of various configurations with the default theme: