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Essential Apple Tech For Your Home

Over the last ten years, the name Apple has become synonymous with high quality design and functionality. The company has produced some of the defining technology of modern times and has changed how the world interacts with gadgets. Apple products are omnipresent in many homes and can be used to create an intuitive and easily controllable home entertainment system.

While Apple Macs have always had a loyal following, the company first made serious inroads into the consciousness of the wider public with the iPod. The MP3 players were so successful because of their striking design and simplicity. The next major innovation came in the form of the iPhone and, most recently the iPad. These devices allow users to access huge amounts of music and media with ease. They become even more useful when used as part of a home entertainment system.


It’s now possible to purchase a sofa with iWave installed directly within it. The iWave technology allows Apple fans to plug their iPhones and iPods into the sofa and enjoy listening to music in high quality via integrated speakers. The technology can also connect to music wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection, meaning it’s more convenient than ever before to listen to audio in the home. The sofa includes dedicated controls to ensure that changing tracks and pausing songs is simple. The stylish sofa can also be reclined using the touchscreen control pad, making it the ultimate piece of furniture to relax in after work. If individuals would like to enjoy a cold drink while listening to music or watching TV, they can take full advantage of the sofa’s cup holders, which have a cooling function inbuilt. The sofa is also great for relaxing and browsing the Internet while using an iPad.

Any sofa that includes iWave will naturally become the center of a connected Apple household. The technology offers a simple way for users to combine and exploit their Apple products to maximum effect. The iWave system makes it easy to control music playback at any time. Putting on a favorite soundtrack for a dinner party or catching up with a podcast is easy thanks to the innovative technology. The sofas offer extensive connectivity options, and users can even play music directly from a USB stick, SD card or alternative MP3 player.

Apple TV

Sometimes family members want to turn off the music and simply kick back and relax in front of their favorite TV program. Apple TV is an essential piece of home tech that facilitates this. The small box allows users to stream content from the Internet, iTunes and YouTube as well as a variety of other sources. Individuals can also access any content that they have stored on a PC or Mac. This allows users to enjoy television, films and photos on a large screen, all from the comfort of the sofa. Apple TV offers HD playback and is an important component in the complete Apple entertainment system.

Optimizing a home to make effective use of Apple technology can help anyone improve their downtime by providing seamless performance and extra control over media.

Seed is a Fresh New Email Client for iPhone


Email clients for iOS have been scarce so far with only Sparrow being a worthy alternative to the default mail app. But that’s about to change soon with several new email clients on the horizon including Mailbox and Evomail.

Seed is a new email client for iPhone. The first thing that you will notice is the clean interface and slick transitions. The top and bottom bars will slide away as soon as you begin scrolling through your email giving you the the much needed extra space and keeping you focused on just the emails.

The app support multiple email accounts via the IMAP protocol. That means you can use Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo and pretty much any IMAP compliant email service.

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Clear for Mac Released

Clear, a highly popular Task management app for  the iPhone has been released for the Mac as well.

Clear gained a lot of positive reviews because of its unique gesture based interface with nice subtle animations.

Clear for Mac will keep your lists in sync via iCloud. Thus your lists will be available on your iPhone, iPad or Mac! The Mac version will also support multitasking gestures along with new feature such as multiple windows.

Check out the video demo below:


Download it from Mac App Store for $6.99

Have a look at the screenshots below:

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How to Create a Fusion Drive in your Existing Mac

Apple announced a very unique drive called a Fusion Drive along with its new iMac announcement.

Available as a configurable option at the Apple Online Store, Fusion Drive is a breakthrough concept that combines the high storage capacity of a traditional hard drive with the high performance of flash storage. With Fusion Drive in your iMac,disk-intensive tasks — from booting up to launching apps to importing photos — are faster and more efficient. That’s because frequently used items are kept at the ready on speedy flash storage, while infrequently accessed items go to the hard drive. The file transfers take place in the background, so you won’t even notice. As the system learns how you work, Fusion Drive makes your Mac experience even better. And you don’t have to do a thing.

Now the thing about Fusion drive is that its not at all a special hardware, but instead the performance boost is at a software level.

A developer by the name Patrick Stein, has successfully managed to get Fusion Drive technology working on existing Mountain Lion based Macs.

A lot of Mac users these days are already using an SSD + HDD combo in their Macs. The procedure to create a Fusion Drive is by no means easy, but if you are comfortable with Unix commands and Terminal, go ahead give it a shot!

Things you’ll need to create a Fusion Drive:

1. A Solid State Drive

2. A regular Hard Disk

Steps to create the Fusion Drive:

Follow Patrick’s Tumbler post here to create your own Fusion Drive.

Buy iPhone 5 16 Gb for only Rs.42,500 – Cheapest in India

The iPhone 5 is coming to India on November 2nd as reported a few days back. The 16 Gig model of the iPhone is priced at Rs. 45,500.

Indiatimes Shopping, a reputed Online shopping portal in India is offering the 16Gb model for just Rs. 42,500. This is by far the cheapest pricing in India till now.

You can avail the offer by Pre-Ordering from here :

Preorder the Black iPhone 5

Preorder the White iPhone 5 

And use Coupon Code: NAVRATRI


Looks like the coupon code no longer work and Indiatimes is selling the iPhone 5 without any discount. So if you ordered yours while the coupon was active, congrats! If not, then tough luck!

iPad Mini Pre-order Starts. Limited Supply, Book Yours Now!

Apple announced the iPad mini on Oct 23rd. With this Apple has introduced a new segment to their already famous iPad line. The 7″ segment will no doubt appeal to a lot of users and will further enhance Apple’s presence in the tablet market.

Pre orders for the new iPad mini started today! It was speculated that the supply will be short due to some production delays with the iPad mini display.

The iPad mini starts from $329 for the 16Gb Wifi only model and goes all the way till $659 for the 64Gb Wifi+LTE variant.

The Wifi-only iPad mini comes with a shipping date of 2nd November! So if you want to get yourself an iPad mini asap, you better hurry and order yours before the shipping estimates extend to more than 2 weeks!

PreOrder iPad mini

iPhone 5 Price in India and Launch Details

The iPhone 5 has been launched nearly a month ago in the United States. Apple has been slowly rolling out the iPhone in other countries.

While it was previously believed that the iPhone 5 would reach Indian shores only in early December, multiple sources have now confirmed that the iPhone 5 will, in fact, launch in India on November 2nd.

The Indian pricing for the new iPhone 5 is as follows:
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Best Screen Protector for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has been selling like hot cakes and since the new iPhone has a radical change in its size along with a brand new data port, the need for completely new accessories is evident.

Accessory makes from all around the world had already started manufacturing months before the actual iPhone 5 launch. So a lot of accessories are ready for shipping!

Screen Guards/Scratch Guards are some of the must have accessory for any iPhone owner.

A lot of people might not know that apart from scratch protection, the most biggest advantage of a screen guard is that it makes the screen highly resistant to getting shattered in case of a fall.

The iPhone 5 has a bigger screen and having a screen protector makes sense. There are literally 100s of brands out there selling screen protectors, some very famous like Zagg or the SGP GLAS.t.

What I’d personally recommend is instead of spending $25+ on these hyped-up screen protectors,  buy cheap screen guards which usually come in a pack of 3/6/9 for as low as $2 and do a darn good job!

Check out some of these links for buying a screen protector:

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