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iPod Touch v2 Guided Tour and Ad (Video)

Apple has released a new Video to coincide with the Launch of its new iPod Touch. Apple has concentrated more on the Portable Gaming factor of the iPod. The “Funny” factor is specially highlighted as Apple calls it the Funniest iPod Ever.

The AD hence showcases a lot of games which include Moto Racer, Monkey Ball, Tap Tap Evolution among a few other top games. Check out the Video Below :

iPhone gets Copy Paste function

Among many other features, the iPhone lacked basic Copy Paste Functionality. Many people including me were hoping that Apple would be adding this functionality in the 2.0 but still no sign of it.

So finally as usual some 3rd Party Developer decided and came up with 1st Ever Application for iPhone supporting the Copy Paste Function along with a Rich Text Editor !

MagicPad, a rich text-editor, the first of its kind for the iPhone, allows users to create text documents in which they can change fonts, text sizes, colors, and even add bold, italic, underline, and strike-through effects to their text. After creating their customized memos, users can also email the rich-text notes to themselves or friends.

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WordPress App for iPhone

Wordpress for iPhone

Wordpress for iPhone

iPhones latest Software Update 2.0 introduced a whole lot of new applications for the User via its App Store. Tons of new Developers are joining the iPhone Software Development camp as there’s a huge amount of potential in iPhone as a software platform.

With Facebook, NYTimes and other similar Companies already launched their iPhone centric Application a new addition was made to that Big Names list – WordPress !

WordPress is the Worlds largest and most used Blogging Software. WordPress recently launched their very own Blogging Application for the iPhone to help iPhone users Blog on the move. The Application is Opensource and supports Blogs hosted on both and also Self-Hosted Blogs (v2.5 and above).

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