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WinAmp for Mac – Now Sync your iTunes Music to Android Phones in OS X

WinAmp, the first Music Player which I used, has now arrived on the Mac OS X platform and has brought in a few great features for Android users, most notably iTunes music syncing and library sharing and Wi-Fi syncing. Now you can take any existing iTunes playlist and sync it directly to an Android device without having to carry out some tedious tasks.

The app is still in its beta phase but works quite well enough to use, with a very light memory and CPU footprint and an attractive enough user interface. If you’re an Android user that owns a Mac, this may be the best way to get your iTunes music library onto your Android phone.

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Wireless Sync might come soon to iPhone/iTouch

According to an Email received by iClarified a private framework has been spotted by the name of “Wireless Sync” This is not confirmed, but may be coming up soon, since they already have the code written.

iSchmaves-sPhone:/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks root# ls
….. MobileSync.framework/ JavaScriptCore.framework/ MobileWirelessSync.framework/ WebKit.framework/

Checkout the following Screen Shot :

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