Steve Jobs unhappy about MobileMe

Steve Jobs at 4 PM Pacific Time on Monday sent an EMail to his Employers regarding the outcome of MobileMe and the way it’s been shaped up.
Mr.Jobs was apparently very much disappointed with the way MobileMe has turned out. He felt it was launched in a hurry and was not upto Apple Standards !

He expressed to his Employers that the launch of MobileMe should’ve been done in stages and launched only after thorough testings. He also said it was a mistake to coincide the launch of MobileMe with the iPhone 3G.

In effect of this, Jobs told all of his Staff related to MobileMe Development to report to Eddy Cue who in turn will report directly to Jobs himself. Cue therefore will lead all the Online Services provided by Apple right from iTunes to App Store and now MobileME ! has made public the full Email which Job’s had sent.

Check it out below :

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