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iPhone 4S : AT&T vs Sprint vs Verizon Performance Comparison

iPhone 4S is available for multiple carriers worldwide,while in the United States the top 3 Carriers for the iPhone 4S are AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. So the question arises who’s the best amongst them?

Recently Metrico Wireless tested the iPhone 4S on the 3 top carriers to shed some light on which is the best when it comes to Data Rates and most importantly which one is a reliable one when it comes to call dropping issues.

According to their recent study in which they tested all the 3 networks for more than 21,000 web-page downloads, 8,000 download/upload tests and 6,000 voice calls on real and simulated networks.

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iPhone 4S Carriers Go Head-to-Head : AT&T vs Sprint vs Verizon

Are you still confused on buying your iPhone 4S on which  carrier? Well, we can help you with that.AT&T has been the trusted one from the early days of iPhone.However,with the emergence of Verizon and now Sprint, AT&T has been challenged by these contenders for its ‘numero uno‘ spot and is all but ready to take the competition to its competitors and this time the playing field is far more level than it’s ever been.

Now we have three different iPhone 4S running on different carriers.

As you can see for yourself, Sprint is by a mile the slowest of the three networks, with AT&T and Verizon having more or less same speed with respect to web browsing. Now if we talk of download speeds, then, AT&T is far ahead of the rest of the two here, as it has considerably higher download speed due to its improved antenna system.

So the results are there to be seen. Now its your turn to choose which one’s suitable for you. We hope we have helped you in making this decision.

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Sprint say they will Unlock the iPhone 4S for ‘Good Customers’ by Request

There’s been a lot of confusion going around about the Unlocking policy of the iPhone 4S carriers, for Verizon the doubts already have been cleared with their 60 days policy for unlock, that is they will unlock the Micro-SIM slot of iPhone 4S if the customer is in good standing for 60 days. There were some confusions about Sprint though, earlier Macworld reported about how both the carriers will tackle the Unlocking, but later on some other media reports said that Macworld’s reports were inaccurate.

But now Sprint has officially issued a new statement regarding the iPhone 4S unlocking policy. It says,that sprint will initially ship the Micro-SIM slots unlocked iPhone 4S but later on they will push an update to lock those slots. Then they will only allow the unlock by request for the customers with good standing for the phone to be used internationally with other carriers.

Here’s what the official statement  of Sprint Spokesperson  Mermelstein verbatim read:

Sprint’s policy is to have the iPhone 4S SIM locked to our network domestically and internationally. At launch, the International SIM will be unlocked. We do expect a SIM lock to be pushed to the devices shortly after launch. We will then allow existing customers in good standing to unlock the SIM for international use if needed in the future.

Customers can sign up for one of our international rate plans and use this phone all over the world. When traveling internationally, there is a setting that must be turned on within the device to connect to GSM. The phone will work with a SIM that is provided within the device out of the box. International voice and data charges are on a pay-as-you-go basis and vary based on the country where the customer is using their phone; a list of rates is available at www.sprint.com/international.

Sprint offers two international voice plans that customers can subscribe to for discounted voice rates:

The Canada Roaming add-on is $2.99 per month and all calls placed from Canada are only 20 cents per minute. Without this add-on, calls from Canada are 59 cents per minute.

The Sprint Worldwide Voice add-on is $4.99 per month and offers discounted rates in countries around the world. For example, calls from Italy are $1.69 per minute with this add-on or $1.99 per minute without the add-on; calls from Peru are $2.29 per minute with the add-on or $2.49 per minute without it.

Sprint iPhone 4S Shipping Begins

We saw the much awaited launch of the iPhone 4S last week in the Let’s talk iPhone Event and though we didn’t see the much anticipated and rumored  iPhone 5, rather a step-uped version of the current phone. Early fan reactions were disappointing only for this same reason.

But on the contrary the iPhone 4S preorders have taken a huge leap with reports of as many as 200,000 units sold in first 12 hrs for pre-orders on AT&T network.This time around Sprint and Verizon also joined the race with AT&T to bring the newer version of iPhone to their networks as well and the response to those networks is also quite good.

So it’s obvious that there is going to be a tough competition amongst them to make the most of it,after the AT&T’s news about rapid sales of the phones it’s time for Sprint,as reported earlier by 9to5mac Sprint has already started shipping the iPhone 4S, as a reader from the blog tipped his Shipping notification for his iPhone 4S white 32GB version from Sprint and the phone will be shipping overnight/next day.

iPhone 4S hitting the stores in less than 4 days from now and is expected to beat all the previous records held by it’s predecessors.