Download PowerIcons To Quickly Reboot/Respring/DFU/Shutdown your iDevice

With Apple launching apps, adding new features and tweaking old ones there is need for iDevice users to frequently restart their devices.

To simplify this need PowerIcons is at your disposal. Now users have can get PowerIcons free from the Cydia app store under the BigBoss repo. PowerIcons adds four useful icons to your Jailbroken spring board – Reboot, Respring, Safe-Mode and Shutdown. With these users can get quick access to system options. After the install you will get following list with no option to configure.

Power Icons


If you happen  to frequently tweak your iDevice or Install/Uninstall via Cydia then it will help you immensely, by pressing any of those four buttons is no doubt quicker than the customary holding of the power button for a few seconds, before sliding to power off. It will save you enough time as compared to when done in traditional manner.

However, you will need to jailbreak your device in order for this tweak to work.

To install PowerIcon :

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