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Chrome coming to iPhone

Google Chrome has already created waves all over the Internet due to its simple design and super fast browsing speeds. Even though Chrome is still in BETA for Desktop Versions, development is still on for its Mobile Versions.

A version specifically made for the iPhone is also planned. Although its not confirmed by Google yet. A WebSite called freechromethemes has put up a page about the Chrome Browser for iPhone.

Apple for one, will surely not allow any 3rd Party Browser to run on its device. So there’s a strong possibility of this news being just a fake rumor.

Lets wait and watch….

Check out :

iPod Nano Revamped + other Major Rumors

Kevin Rose, Founder and Architect of informed us about the latest major News about Apple’s line of iPod. The iPod Nano is said to have undergone a major revemp in its design.

Take a look at the Pic and Video Below to see how the new iPod Nano Looks like !

Some other Rumors that Kevin posted were :

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Wireless Sync might come soon to iPhone/iTouch

According to an Email received by iClarified a private framework has been spotted by the name of “Wireless Sync” This is not confirmed, but may be coming up soon, since they already have the code written.

iSchmaves-sPhone:/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks root# ls
….. MobileSync.framework/ JavaScriptCore.framework/ MobileWirelessSync.framework/ WebKit.framework/

Checkout the following Screen Shot :

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Upcoming MacBook's leaked Pics

Few days back I’d written an entry about the new MacBook along with some of its rumoured features. Recently a Taiwanese Website leaked pictures of what possibly resembles the upcoing MacBook which is said to have an Aluminum Body and 16:9 Aspect Widescreens.

These photos could very well be Photoshopped so just consider this as a Runour and Unconfirmed news !

Check out the Pics below :

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Looking at these pictures, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Tablet like setup. This stongly indicates a Touchscreen Macbook. If these pics do turn out to be true, then get set for the bigger version of iPhone :D

[Apple Owner]

iPhone 3G India Pricing Details Revealed

People all over India were excited about the iPhone Launch back in July. But were soon disappointed to know that it won’t be available in India anytime before November. Analysts suggested that iPhone would come to India during Diwali Festival. But now according to various sources Vodafone is the first Carrier in India to bring the iPhone here.

Vodafone has set a August 18th Launch Date for the iPhone. They’ve also hinted at the Pricing Details. The iPhone however does come with a 2 yr Contract.

The Pricing Details are as follows : (Pricing Source is from a Vodafone insider)

Rumors of new MacBook

Rumors are all round the Internet hinting at a new revised MacBook. With the recent launch of the iPhone 3G, the obvious next upgrade that Apple might carry out is on its famous MacBook line of Notebooks.

This upgrade is said to be a very major one, similar to the previous architectural upgrade that Apple carried out in its entire Mac series of ditching PowerPC and opting for Intel Based Processors and Chipsets.

The updated MacBook is said to be based on the updated Intel Centrino 2 Chipset. The other rumored features are :
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