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MacBook Air Fails To Sleep? Use SMC Reset! [Tip]

A lot of Mac users have the tendency to of immediately putting their MacBook Air to sleep by shutting the lid, since it is easiest method when you are on the go. Normally this would work without any trouble.However, sometimes  the MacBook Air may not sleep when its lid is shut. As the MacBook Air has no moving hard drive or sleep light, it may not come to your notice immediately and you may feel that Mac is sleeping when actually its not. And you may loose on the valuable battery by the time you realize. If this continues to happen more often then, the solution is simple and quick.You just need to reset the System Management controller (SMC):

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[Rumor] Apple Testing Ultrathin 15″ MacBooks

Last week we saw the refresh of Mac Book Pro series with the devices getting a faster processor and harddrive upgrades with GPU improvements. This time around a rumor is floating around the Ultrathin MacBooks making their way into the MacBook Family, filled with MacBook Pros and the MacBook Air.

We have been seeing a lot of UltraBooks these days from various PC manufacturers like Acer, HP and other biggies. According to Appleinsider Apple is testing a 15″ Ultrathin MacBook which will be an extension to the existing MacBook Air Family of Notebooks from Apple and Apple is believed to be developing a new Mac Book Pro Lineup for the next year which will not feature an Optical Drive. All the current MacBookPro’s consists of an Optical Drives while the MacBook Air’s only feature a Solid State Drive without an Optical Drive.

Apple’s next version of  MacBooks are expected to feature Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge processors, slated to be released at some point in the first half of 2012.

[How to] Transfer Apps Between Macs

Transferring applications from one Mac to another has been made very simple with the introduction of the Mac App Store and can be done entirely through the App Store itself. This is due to the Mac App Stores licensing agreement, which allows you to download and install Mac OS X apps on all of your personal machines, although they must all share the same Apple ID. Also, you can transfer apps manually over a network or with an external USB drive, but that method does not work with all apps and hence is not entirely recommended.

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Upcoming MacBook's leaked Pics

Few days back I’d written an entry about the new MacBook along with some of its rumoured features. Recently a Taiwanese Website leaked pictures of what possibly resembles the upcoing MacBook which is said to have an Aluminum Body and 16:9 Aspect Widescreens.

These photos could very well be Photoshopped so just consider this as a Runour and Unconfirmed news !

Check out the Pics below :

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Looking at these pictures, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Tablet like setup. This stongly indicates a Touchscreen Macbook. If these pics do turn out to be true, then get set for the bigger version of iPhone :D

[Apple Owner]

Rumors of new MacBook

Rumors are all round the Internet hinting at a new revised MacBook. With the recent launch of the iPhone 3G, the obvious next upgrade that Apple might carry out is on its famous MacBook line of Notebooks.

This upgrade is said to be a very major one, similar to the previous architectural upgrade that Apple carried out in its entire Mac series of ditching PowerPC and opting for Intel Based Processors and Chipsets.

The updated MacBook is said to be based on the updated Intel Centrino 2 Chipset. The other rumored features are :
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