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Future MacBook Air Will Allow You To Use Three Screens At Once [Rumor]

Rumor has it that, future MacBook Air could support  three displays at once using a single Thunderbolt connection.

leaked roadmap of Intel’s plans for its Ivy Bridge processors in 2012 suggests this could well be a possibility. And with Apple’s next-gen laptops scheduled to boast Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors, it’s likely that future MacBook Airs and Pros will be able to support two external displays in addition to the MacBook’s built-in screen.

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Apple Was Supposed To Integrate an AMD Chip In MacBook Air [Rumor]

With MacBook Air accounting to 28% of Apple’s overall notebook shipments, it could have been more if this rumor could have been true.

Rumor has it that Apple was on the verge of coming out with a MacBook Air packing a processor from Advanced Micro Devices. The news being  put forward by chip-centric web site Semiaccurate is that AMD offered better graphics horsepower. Today, the Air and all the MacBooks use Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors. “If you are wondering why the Air wasn’t really revamped much this last time, it is because you are looking at plan B.

Plan A was basically a low power AMD Llano in an Air shell, and that would have been a really tasty machine. Instead of substandard graphics with questionable drivers, you would get many times the GPU power but lose a bit of CPU power.”

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MacBook Air Makes Up 28 percent Of Apple’s Overall Notebook Shipments

Till May, Apple’s thinnest laptop accounted for a mere eight percent of overall notebook shipments. However, going by recent reports, the MacBook Air now makes up 28 percent of Apple’s overall notebook shipments.Apparently, this has happened because of  the MacBook Air’s mid-2011 update which has had a significant effect on Apple’s diminutive notebook.

Today, the MacBook Air makes up 28 percent of Apple’s overall notebook shipments. Since Apple discontinued the plastic MacBook in July, its very clear that the MacBook Pro accounts for the bulk of the remaining 78 percent of shipments. The deletion of the plastic MacBook from the lineup may in fact account for some of the MacBook Air’s revival.

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