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Mac OSX Snow Leopard

VMWare Fusion 4.1 Enables Virtualization of Leopard And Snow Leopard

Recently, VMware released an update to its popular virtualization software that adds many improvements. It’s called Fusion 4.1 T and it is promised to get rid of any bugs. Although, the biggest improvement is the applications ability to run older versions of Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard.It has been  known for a long time that Fusion can support Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard virtual machines, but Apple’s licensing prohibits this.

Now, Apple has altered the Mac OS X licensing terms with the release of Mac OS X Lion. The new software license allows users to install and use virtual machines running the client or server version of Lion on their Mac.  But, it doesn’t mention anything about older versions of Mac OS X , hence its assumed that its prohibited.

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Mac OSX Lion Reaches 16% Marketshare Amongst All Mac OSX

Apple’s latest offering for the Desktop/Laptop Operating System the Lion is getting a great response from the Apple users with most of the older operating system users upgrading to the latest one in no time.

But Now as reported earlier by popular advertising firm Chitika though the market share of the new operating system i.e the Mac OSX Lion is increasing day by day and that it has reached 16% market share amongst its predecessors the adoption rate has now slowed down. Earlier in the month of September Lion install base reached the 14% mark.But now the adoption rate is slowed down and with just a 2 % increase in the market share from its previous month.

The Wifi related problems and slow connection speeds have been the concerns of the Mac OSX Lion and though the regular updates are trying to fix the issues,the problem still persists. If thats was not enough it seems like all the Apple products are haunted with the Battery Life issues with the likes of iDevices and also the Mac Book Pro’s are facing the Battery Drainage issues.

These might be some of the reasons for the slow growth rate for the OSX Lion Adoption. Currently the most used version of Mac OSX is the Lion predecessor Snow Leopard with 56% market share while the remaining market consists of Leopard and Tiger builds of the operating system.

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