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Mac OSX Lion

[How to] Turn off iMac/Mac Book Pro/Mac Mini Display Using Hot Corner In Mac OS X

If you own an iMac you’d probably be aware that you just cannot manually turn off just the display cause there’s no hardware button to turn the display off.

Now you can put your screen to sleep by the use of  Hot Corners. You can setup hot corners in the mission control on the Mac OS X Lion and they can be activated just by sliding cursor into the specified corners of the screen.

Follow these step in order to set it up:

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Mac OS X 10.7.3 Update [Build 11D24] Seeded to Developers But Gets Pulled After Hours

Apple Started seeding the Mac OSX 10.7.3 update(guild 11D24) for the developers yesterday for the developers and within a few hours after that the update was pulled.This update was released 2 weeks after the initial 10.7.3 update rollout bringing some bug fixes as reported earlier by 9to5 mac.

Apple has also added Spotlight and Safari to the list of areas they would like developers to focus on along with their initial goal for targeting the  iCloud Document Storage, Address Book, iCal, and Mail.There aren’t any known issues with the current build as such.

It remains to be seen that by what time the update would be reseeded for the developers and then the stable build for the public release.We will keep you posted.

[How to] Reset/Recover OS X Lion Password

Forgot your OS X Lion password? Need help? Here’s how you can make use of your Apple ID to reset your password, other than  resetting it with the passwordreset command line tool or by creating a new user account.

Resetting a Lost OS X Lion Password Using an Apple ID

Before you begin with this method it’s crucial to note that, this method only works if you set an Apple ID to tie with the OS X user account, and this option will not be suitable for users with FileVault 2 protection enabled. Also note that this leads to the creation of a new keychain, but the old keychain will remain intact.

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Mac OSX Lion Reaches 16% Marketshare Amongst All Mac OSX

Apple’s latest offering for the Desktop/Laptop Operating System the Lion is getting a great response from the Apple users with most of the older operating system users upgrading to the latest one in no time.

But Now as reported earlier by popular advertising firm Chitika though the market share of the new operating system i.e the Mac OSX Lion is increasing day by day and that it has reached 16% market share amongst its predecessors the adoption rate has now slowed down. Earlier in the month of September Lion install base reached the 14% mark.But now the adoption rate is slowed down and with just a 2 % increase in the market share from its previous month.

The Wifi related problems and slow connection speeds have been the concerns of the Mac OSX Lion and though the regular updates are trying to fix the issues,the problem still persists. If thats was not enough it seems like all the Apple products are haunted with the Battery Life issues with the likes of iDevices and also the Mac Book Pro’s are facing the Battery Drainage issues.

These might be some of the reasons for the slow growth rate for the OSX Lion Adoption. Currently the most used version of Mac OSX is the Lion predecessor Snow Leopard with 56% market share while the remaining market consists of Leopard and Tiger builds of the operating system.

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Safari 5.1.1 is available for Download with iCloud support

Apple has launched new version of their web browser Safari into public domain, new version of Safari is packaged as a part of the OS X Lion 10.7.2 update. Safari 5.1.1 features a host of new updates & changes, with iCloud support being the most awaited one.

Safari 5.1.1 includes support for iCloud, with free Cloud services,  iCloud stores your Safari bookmarks and Safari Reading List and automatically pushes them to all your devices. New safari offers Reading List which is similar to Instapaper.

With iCloud support, Apple has managed to provide speed boost over the previous version, with Safari 5.1.1 apparently possessing 13% better JavaScript performance over 5.1. New version has other improvements too which includes improved PDF handling, improved ‘Pinch to Zoom’ efficiency and improved printing.

You can download Safari 5.1.1 for Windows and Mac by heading over to this link.

iCloud Out of Beta, Goes Public

iCloud service which has been in the talking for a while now is out of the beta phase and is available for  the general public. Though till now we haven’t seen the official public release of iOS 5 or the Mac OSX 10.7 Lion which are required for setting up the account over the iCloud, but it’s only matter of hours till those get publicly released.

iCloud service  allows us to store data , such as music, videos, books, application data and backups, from your Mac and iOS devices in Apple’s cloud,so its easy to manage and share the data with other devices which can be connected to the services. Upto 10 devices can be connected for free with 5GB of Storage Space and with upgradable options if you run out of the 5GB space with upgrade options like 10 GB for $20 per year, 20 GB for $40 per year or 50 GB for $100 per year.

In other news iTunes 10.5 was also pushed so that the users can upgrade their Operating Systems to iOS 5 when it releases.

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