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Learn to Develop Apps For iPhone And iPad Using Stanford’s Free Course On iTunes U

Ivy League school Stanford is offering its popular iOS app development course for Free on iTunes U. The most up to date version of the course on developing for iOS 5 is available, and any iTunes customer can  download class lectures and presentation slides. The course from Stanford focuses on topics like “iCloud, streamlined notifications and wireless syncing” in its latest incarnation.

The basics of iOS app development are not covered in the course, so you have to already know Objective-C if you hope to learn anything.

This is a must have for any current iOS Developer wanting to learn about iOS 5 and iCloud.

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SOS iPhone Backup – Another Cloud Backup Service

With the advent of iCloud, a ton of existing Cloud based services are trying out innovative ways to stand out apart and stay in the competition.

SOS iPhone Backup is a cloud service which is used to store documents & backing up photos & contacts on your iPhone. Also user can use their account to backup computer and Facebook account.

SOS iPhone backup comes with free 5 GB accounts and also available with 50 GB and 100 GB plans.

SOS iPhone backup is ultimate solution which gives personal protection for backup your iPhone and protect all users contacts plus photos in SOS cloud.
Backup your Mac or PC with SOS, and access your files anywhere using the SOS iPhone Backup app.

SOS iPhone Backup is available on the iPhone for free and you can sign-up for the service either in the app or on SOS Online Backup’s website.


Siri Tips: Now Update Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & More

Now you can do more with Siri thanks to people over at Techland  who have put together some tips and tricks for getting the most out of Siri and accomplishing tasks that aren’t currently built-in.Here are a few tips for updating Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ by redirecting them through SMS however, text message charges will of course apply.

For Facebook:

 For Facebook, text “Hello” to 32665 in the United States (or the short code for whatever country you belong to), then follow the link in the reply to finish the setup process. Add the short code to your Contacts, and name it “Facebook.” That way, you can tell Siri to “send a text to Facebook ” 

For Twitter:
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Now Send Greeting Cards via your iPhone

Out of  the number of  new software released from Apple yesterday, we now take a look at the Cards app.The card app is aptly named “Cards” and will enable the users to design and send greeting cards to their loved one’s from their iOS devices.Cards will allow the users to choose from a variety of designs(in all 21) and customize them as per their needs and send it to anyone around the world.

From iTunes:

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NFS Undercover for iPhone Released

iPhone already has a plethora of some awesome Racing based games. Some of my favorites included GTS World Racing, Asphalt 4, Speedburst and a few others. But I’d always been waiting for the Need for Speed (NFS) Series to get ported over to the iPhone ever since EA took keen interest in developing iPhone/iPod Touch applications.

Well finally the wait is over and EA has just released its latest iteration of the NFS series – NFS Undercover for the iPhone !

Here’s how the Tagline goes :

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Get behind the wheel of the world’s #1 racing franchise to find out! Explode into a racing frenzy on your iPhone and iPod touch in this action packed adventure of hot pursuit and betrayal.

IGN.com’s Levi Buchchan says :

“Not only is the game extremely fast, especially when you tap the on-screen NOS button, but the graphics outstrip anything that your’ve seen on the iPhone thus far.”

This comment might be enough (apart from this being from the NFS Series) for you to purchase this game right away !

NFS Undercover for iPhone is available right now in the App Store for $9.99 and is 92.3 MB big.

[AppStore Link]

Check out a few Screenshots :

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MMS for iPhone : SwirlyMMS

The iPhone does have some drawbacks, MMS was said to be one of them. But even then that drawback was filled with a 3rd Party Application called as SwirlyMMS. SwirlyMMS worked till Firmware 1.1.4. The new 2.0 Firmware brought come core system changes in the Firmware and thus needed a recode of most older Applications.

Recently the Official Blog of SwirlyMMS announced that they’ve successfully ported it to 2.x Firmware and have confirmed it works.

The application is not yet released. It will be available soon on Cydia and Installer. Expect a Public Release soon !

Check out  : http://swirlyspace.com/iphone/apps/mms/

NFS Undercover to be available on iPhone

NFS Undercover is the next installment in the popular Arcade Racing series by Electronic Arts. Its the 12th Game so far in the Need for Speed Series. But this time its also coming on your iPhone !

The game will be featuring Mission Impossible 3 actress Margaret Quigley who will act as your Guide throughout the game. The game most probably will be controlled using the iPhones builtin Accelerometer. The Graphics hopefully should be on par with most other Handheld devices like Nintendo DS or PSP.

Check out the Official Teaser of Undercover :

iHologram : Amazing iPhone App

iHologram from the name itself gives us a hint of what it does. iHologram works by assuming a constant viewing angle (35-45 degrees), typical for when the device is placed on a tabletop. The 3D Scene’s perspective is then warped using anamorphic perspective, making the object appear to jump off the screen.

This indeed looks very cool. Check out the Video below :

iHologram – iPhone application from David OReilly on Vimeo.

This Application is not out yet on the AppStore !