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iPhone 4s

iOS and Android Combined Captures 58% of Mobile Gaming Market

Gone are the days of the PlayStation Portables and the Nintendo DS’s. These were the two big names for many years as far as the portable gaming market goes. Then came the game changer with the launch of iPhone which brought the iOS platform for the portable iDevices and then came the cheaper alternative for the iOS with Android running on virtually any portable device ranging from dirt cheap phones to the high end phones and tablets.

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Hong Kong iPhone 4S Preorders Sold Out in 10 Minutes!

As we reported earlier the iPhone 4S would be rolling out in some more countries this month including Hong Kong and 14 other countries in a couple of days from now, so the roll out had already started for those launch countries.

iPhone 4S

Earlier we saw with the preorders in US when iPhone 4S first launched with record preorder sellout in less than a week and with more than 1 million sold in the first 2 weeks in the United States iPhone 4S launch.

Now we are getting reports about yet another sorts of a record for the iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S pre orders were sold out within 10 minutes in Hong Kong! The preorders began on Friday.

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[How to] Improve Battery Life Of Your iPhone 4S

A couple of days back we broke the news to you about a certain battery problem for an iPhone 4S user. The problem appears to be affecting some iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users as well, indicating a likely software bug rather than a hardware defect.People at iDownloadBlog seemed to have worked out a solution that may not work for everybody, even though some folks are reporting seeing an improved battery performance.

It appears that the ‘Setting Time Zone’ function in iOS 5 can lead to excess power drain because the device is repeatedly polling the user’s location in order to set the time zone based on their current location (which is useful when traveling).

1. To disable this functionality, launch the Settings app.

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UBS Estimates Over 42 million iPhone Sells This Quarter

We already knew that iPhone 4S was off to a flyer with over 1million preorders within First 24hours and over 4 million sells within first 3 days of it’s launch!

So the stage is already set for a record sells of the iPhone units to hit yet another milestone and as the iPhone 4S launches in 22 more countries on 28th October, the expected sells of the iPhone market would cross 42million as surveyed earlier by UBS bank.

“While the timing of the 70 (of 105) country launches could have some impact on sales ahead of the launch, the split, and hence, our estimates look conservative,” Um said.

Though Siri currently only supports few languages, analysts believe the initial 28 million unit estimate to be conservative.

With the rumors of iPhone 4S being launched in India and other countries those estimates looks quite achievable.

[via - AppleInsider]

iPhone 4S Preorder starts for 22 New Countries this Oct 28 – Order Yours Now!

iPhone 4S was launched a week ago in 7 countries with multiple carriers and with an overwhelming response it broke all its previous selling records with most of the carriers already running out of stock and the apple stores already going reservation only a few days ago.

So along with that release the second major release all around the world covering as many as 22 countries is scheduled for  28th October.

The countries are as follows, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

So Apple has already started working things out for the mega launch, as they have already started taking Preorders for the 28th October launch countries allowing people to buy the new iPhone 4S in advance. As of today the shipping time for the phone is 1-2 weeks according to the official Apple Store shipment. It won’t be surprising to see if this Pre Orders also gets record sells just like the earlier one before the 7 countries launch, when the Preorders sold 1 million units in the first 24 hours.

[via - MacStories]

First Official Music Video Shot From iPhone 4S [Video]

When Apple launched the new iPhone 4S, amongst a few new features, the most talked about after Siri, was its new Camera and the recording capacity.This new camera allowed the users to record high quality videos at 1080p which is an improvement over the already pretty impressive 720p, 5 megapixel camera in the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4S  has only been on sale for a week, and we’ve already been treated to the first ever music video to be recorded on Apple’s latest smartphone. Music enthusiasts, The Turnback decided to film the video for their new single, Cellophane Sky, using the new iPhone 4S handsets, instead of the usual high-spec cameras. Filmed in full 1080p at the New York nightclub, Webster Hall, the video is believed to be the first made using the iPhone 4S.

The video shows immaculate quality of camera in modern smartphones. A few years back, the cameras in our phones were would never get a decent picture let alone such high quality videos.But days have changed for our better,now with the launch of smart phones which are capable of producing such high quality videos which can easily compete with  point and shoot cameras we take on our holidays, as well as being able to record full HD 1080p video. Not just that if you happen to have an iPhone 4S you can even use iMovie for iOS, making it possible to edit full movies right on your iPhone.

Check out the video below:
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iPhone 3GS selling out in AT&T

A couple of weeks ago iPhone 4S was released and along with that release we saw the newly changed contract plans for the earlier versions of  iPhones the iPhone4 and iPhone 3GS,with the iPhone 3GS made virtually free of cost with a 2 years contract.

“We continue to bring in more subscribers onto our network with pure data plans,” AT&T Mobility Chief Executive Officer Ralph de la Vegasaid. “18 million, or nearly half of our smartphone subscribers, are on tiered plans with most choosing the higher priced data plan.”

So apart from the iPhone 4S sells which are overwhelming with most of the carriers sold out and store sells are going reservations only,even the legacy models like the iPhone 3GS which is now free on contract is doing well last time AT&T checked the 3GS are selling out all over the United States.So the Free on Contract thing is working out quite well even though it’s a 2 generation old version of the iPhone.

The current status of activations on the AT&T network sees almost 56 % of the activations made for all the iPhone’s combined,that is the iPhone4,iPhone3GS and the newly launched iPhone 4S,with over 1 million iPhone4S activations already.


AirBeam – Remote Webcam/Surveillance App for iPhone Now Comes With Audio Recording And Detection

Hot on the heels of initial version of Surveillance app named AirBeam, developer Heiko Straulino has been busy improvising it  and the newest update, released over the weekend, now let’s users stream and record audio as well, and adds an audio detection feature similar in function to motion detection.

The latest update allows user to record both video and audio over a local wifi network, or over the web, to another iDevice running AirBeam or to the free Mac AirBeam app. The audio detection feature will trigger recording or alarms if it’s tripped.

The update also adds chunk of other improvements, like the ability to remotely switch the iPhone 4/4S’s  flashlight on, the ability to transfer recordings to the monitoring device and the ability to use audio recording in stealth mode, with the iPhone locked.

Download it from App Store for $3.99