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Learn to Develop Apps For iPhone And iPad Using Stanford’s Free Course On iTunes U

Ivy League school Stanford is offering its popular iOS app development course for Free on iTunes U. The most up to date version of the course on developing for iOS 5 is available, and any iTunes customer can  download class lectures and presentation slides. The course from Stanford focuses on topics like “iCloud, streamlined notifications and wireless syncing” in its latest incarnation.

The basics of iOS app development are not covered in the course, so you have to already know Objective-C if you hope to learn anything.

This is a must have for any current iOS Developer wanting to learn about iOS 5 and iCloud.

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AirBeam – Remote Webcam/Surveillance App for iPhone Now Comes With Audio Recording And Detection

Hot on the heels of initial version of Surveillance app named AirBeam, developer Heiko Straulino has been busy improvising it  and the newest update, released over the weekend, now let’s users stream and record audio as well, and adds an audio detection feature similar in function to motion detection.

The latest update allows user to record both video and audio over a local wifi network, or over the web, to another iDevice running AirBeam or to the free Mac AirBeam app. The audio detection feature will trigger recording or alarms if it’s tripped.

The update also adds chunk of other improvements, like the ability to remotely switch the iPhone 4/4S’s  flashlight on, the ability to transfer recordings to the monitoring device and the ability to use audio recording in stealth mode, with the iPhone locked.

Download it from App Store for $3.99

Mint To Release it’s iPad App Very Soon

In the race to release app for iPad, the four giants – Facebook, Google Docs, Mint and LinkedIn were in the running. Out of these Facebook was the quickest to release it’s very own app for iPad. Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Mint has decided to release its very own app for iPad.

For all those who don’t know what Mint is, Mint is by far the BEST finance managing service available! If you haven’t used it yet, there no better time than now to start!

In a tweet posted October 11th, Mint mobile designer Jaanus Kase said “the Mint iPad app is nearly done and will be out very shortly.” He also stated on Mint’s satisfaction forums that the next Mint app will be universal (both for iPhone and iPad) and that it will require iOS 5, which is one of the reasons the company could not release it until now.

People with iPhone 3G units, the new Mint app will not work since the maximum iOS on that device is 4.2.1. However, Kase states that Mint will continue to support its current iOS app for those running iOS 4.

Now, LinkedIn and Google Docs must get your acts together, “ball is in your court!!”