Ipad | The Apple Daily - Part 4


Find My Friend App is Now Available for iOS5 Users

As announced earlier by Apple,  Apple has just release Find My Friend app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch running on iOS5.

By using Find My Friend app iOS 5 user will be able to locate their friends & families easily from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. To this handy  app a user just need to install this free app on your iOS 5 device & sign in with Apple ID to use it with iCloud.

The functioning of this app is pretty cool, Adding a friend just need to send a request to see their location & once that friend accept your request the you can see his location on list or on the map. Users can also choose to share their location for limited period of time with a group of friend.

Use Find My Friends to keep track of your travelling companions when you’re on vacation. or to see if the kinds are home from school or to find the friends you’re meeting for dinner. At the end of the day user will get a cool app on their iOS5.


• Easily locate friends and family
• Temporary sharing option
• Simple privacy controls
• Parental restrictions
• Free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Twitter for iOS 5 Released

With the release of iOS 5 due tomorrow, the third party service providers are making a beeline to get their apps up and ready for Apple’s latest mobile operating system.Twitter has just released an update to its popular iPhone app, rendering it officially ready for the imminent takeover of iOS 5.

Due to Twitter’s extended integration with iOS 5, from now on users need not  enter their login details more than once. Your Twitter username and password can be essentially hard-coded into your device through the Settings app so that any other Twitter client (or app requiring of your twitter credentials) will automatically be able to login without you having to re-enter your password. The only thing you have to deal with is a  popup through which you confirm or deny access, and you’ll be ready to rumble.

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iPad Internet usage Passes iPhone, overall 97% in terms of All Tablets

iPad has been the most successful tablet in the history with both the versions that is iPad and iPad 2 setting a record for sales.With the Launch of iPhone4S the stage is set on fire for yet another hit from Apple.This record breaking sales of the devices converts into a huge market share in terms of the data usage.

As we take a look at the recent research from comScore with the  study of digital media consumption in the United States,revealed that iPad still dominates the Tablet world so much so that it has also surpassed the internet usage of it’s very own baby brother iPhone in the Internet Traffic.According to comScore research ,iPad accounted for as much as 97.2% of U.S. Internet traffic, as measured by browser-basd page views, from tablet devices for the period of June to August 2011.

If we have a look at the overall O.S platform marketshare, iOS still leads with  58.5% of  Traffic, the close second is Android with a huge difference at 31.9% almost half of that of the iOS based devices.With new upcoming faster versions of devices into the 4G LTE era will further boost this category of internet traffic with tablets and smartphones taking over the age old desktops.

Official Facebook for iPad App Released

Good news for all the iPad users in the town,the wait is over.Yesterday Facebook app for iPad was officially released,courtesy the universal binary,the app now supports all the iOS based devices,that is iPhone,iPod touch and iPad.

Some of the Features for Facebook for iPad

  •  Enjoy bigger, better photos: Your photos are high-res and easy to flip through, like a real photo album
  •  Navigate anywhere, fast: Just tap, slide or pinch to move from one screen to another
  •  Play games on the go: Access your favorite Facebook apps and games, wherever you are
  •  Focus on what matters: Zoom in on your friends’ photos, updates and stories
  •  Never lose your place: Share a photo, update your status or send a message without leaving News Feed
  •  See who’s nearby: Check out the Nearby map to see what your friends are up to

So get ready to get the high resolution experience of the Facebook on your iPad with power packed features like pinch gestures and the games and the Facebook messages and chats  and a highly optimized UI for the iPad.

Check out the ScreenShots and Download Link after the break.

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Cydia on iOS 4.2 for the iPad to get new interface

The iOS 4.2 Gold Master release for iPad is already widely available everywhere. This GM release is almost the Final piece of code everytime, that means the Public release version will be almost same as the GM release with no modification to the code at all.

But unfortunately, the current version of Cydia does not work under 4.2 on the iPad.

According to Musclenerd, a brand new Cydia with a revamped interface is about to get released along side the iPad 4.2 Jailbreak.

It will have Landscape support this time and a look that feels similar to Apples Official App Store.

Have a look at the Sneak Peek below :

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