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iOS 5

[Breaking] iPhone 4S 16GB Now Available in India for 41,900 INR With 1 Year Warranty

Airtel and Aircel might be gearing up for the mega launch of the iPhone 4S in India and as we all know Aircel preorders starts in couple of days, while the Aircel launch is slated for 25th November, if you don’t want to wait for that much then here’s a great offer for you.

Apparently Buytheprice is selling the iPhone 4S 16 GB version for 41,900INR with free shipping. So you could own the greatest and latest offering from Apple along with a 1 year warranty with free shipping.

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iOS 5 Battery Issues Still Not Fully Resolved

With the release of iOS 5, many of us expected it to surpass our expectations and it did go way beyond everyone’s expectations but at a steep price. iOS 5 for iPhone possessed new exciting  features and apps, but they seem to hamper the device’s performance by using a lot of power and thus high battery consumption. Each time your phone attempts to find your location, or tries communicating with iCloud or has any background app running, it caused battery drainage. Although a slow and steady battery drain is to be expected, iPhone users with iOS 5 are experiencing quicker drainage than with previous versions of the OS.

As more and more users started experiencing the same problem it became a necessity for Apple to address it. And so did they respond, with the release of iOS 5.0.1, claiming it to be a software issue.

Unfortunately many customers are still experiencing battery trouble, even after updating their phones to the latest software. In order to find some answers, users have made a beeline towards Apple support forums, where battery related topics are currently receiving thousands of views. Customer complaints mention a battery drainage problem remains, in spite of the update. Even worse, others mention that poor battery performance was never experienced until they had updated. However, some customers are noticing an improvement.

In a statement given to AllThingsD, Apple confirmed that some users are still affected by poor battery life:

“The recent iOS software update addressed many of the battery issues that some customers experienced on their iOS 5 devices. We continue to investigate a few remaining issues.”

For the time being you can do the following to get as much out of your battery:

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[How To] Create Custom Gestures in iOS 5

By this time most of us have now updated their iDevices with the latest update iOS 5 which was released last week along with the release of iPhone 4S.So its now time for some interesting tidbits for iOS 5 and try out some new features on your updated iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch.

I stumbled on to a great how to on creating custom gestures in iOS 5 courtesy Cult Of Mac which demonstrates this feature on the iPod Touch updated with the latest build.With this new feature mainly targeted for the accessibility on the system but  one can do many things on their  iDevice  with it.

As shown in the video the user can stretch his imagination for any kind of gesture to use on the device and record it and save it by a custom name and later on can use it in any application for custom use.For example,gestures like scroll which needs swiping the finger on the screen can be just done by tipping the screen if the scroll gesture is already have been recorded as a custom gesture.

We are getting some problems embedding the video ,for the time being checkout the Video after the break.

UltraSn0w updated to Unlock iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 on iOS5

iPhone Dev Team has updated their famous Ultrasn0w software, which will unlock your 3GS & iPhone 4 under iOS 5.

UltraSn0w 1.2.4 is now available, which supports iPhone 3GS and 4G basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, and 06.15.00. now you want to unlock then only baseband is available is 01.59.00.

To getting things done quickly, user first needs to jailbreak their iPhone, so the only way to get iOS 5 on these devices while preserving the baseband is to use a custom IPSW for upgrade. Ultrasn0w is so far the easiest way to unlock iPhone. All user need is to just install a package on user jailbroken device.

The most important thing is, Ultrasn0w supports only few basebands so be sure that your version is supported & then you are good to go for unlocking your iPhone. Also note that all current iOS 5 Jailbreaks are tethered. Which means you’ll have to re-Jailbreak everytime you restart your device.

To Install it, open up Cydia and Search for “ultrasn0w”.

iCloud Issue : Data clearing problem in iOS 5

Here is an interesting peice of tidbit related to iCloud, Marco Arment , the creators of a popular app called Instapaper have noticed some problems related to changes which were made in iOS 5 to integrate it with iCloud backups.

Last week some users facing problems in accessing backups which were previously stored in apps. According to reports a user was up to catch a flight so he stocked his iPad for a long flight, sync bunch of movies & podcasts, downloaded few magazines, so there was very little free space.

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[How To] Create a Location Based Reminder in iOS 5

Welcome to iOS 5, as you all know that iOS 5 was launched on Wednesday this week. This fifth version of iOS brings up some super cool apps with itself. So here is the brand new app from iOS 5 called as Location Based Reminders, which is built in iOS 5. Using iOS 5′s geo-fencing APIs, both the iPad and iPhone apps will now alert you to a reminder when you are in the appropriate area. To use this app users first need to Enable & Sync iCloud with iCloud Reminders.

The configuration of this app is pretty simple just need a few steps as follows.

1. Go to app & open it, to add new reminder just click on the + sign which locates at the top right corner of app.

2. By default Reminder app has no reminder time added to it, to change this you need to create a new reminder.

3. Under  that reminder name you have to type a appropriate name for a new created reminder. Remind me is been used.

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iOS5′s Exceptional Demand Causes Error 3200, Bricks some iPhones

iOS5 was finally launched yesterday by Apple as promised. So the carnage for updating the iOS based devices was bound to happen as every tom, dick and harry tried to install the latest updates on their iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touches.

So due to this excessive load on the servers many of the users were getting the Error 3200 which basically pinged the Apple servers for authentication but couldn’t get any valid reply due to server overload.

Some of the users are also reported to have bricked their iPhones courtesy the problem while updating their devices since they couldn’t reactivate their phones through the servers, as reported earlier by Appleinsider.

If all this wasn’t enough, well hear this, there are also reports about iCloud inaccessibility and some of the users who have bricked their iPhones in the process are also getting another Error 3004 which is also believed to be caused by the same 3200 error.

The service representatives have promised that the authentication issue is being sorted out and will take a few hours for the service to be available without any hassle.

So if you are getting either of the above 2 errors, wait it out for a while and then try updating your iDevice again.

iOS 5 Officially Releases for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Yesterday was a big day for Apple, Apple has successfully launced the 5th version of the most awaited iOS in market, yes that’s right, iOS 5 is in now market & now millions of iPhone, iPads, iPod Touch are waiting to get upgraded to iOS 5.

In the fifth version of this iOS Apple has done some  major changes in software that run on all iDevices. There is iMessage, which is new messaging service that Apple believes is on a par with the likes of BlackBerry Messenger. iMessage also offers a instant messaging for free across all iOS devices which are running on iOS 5.

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