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Priority Customers to get Subsidized iPhone 4S in India

As we saw earlier with the launch of iPhone 4S in india courtesy Aircel and Airtel, both of them quoting higher prices for iPhone 4S with more than 200$ difference as compared to the United States unlocked iPhone 4S prices, making it one of the costliest iPhone 4S around the world.

Apparently there’s a good news for “Priority” customers, BGR has reported about one of the carriers is planning to offer some sorts of discounts/special deals for users with high amount of usage of the carrier services. It would probably be an invitation only offer i.e carriers would select their Priority customers with higher usage and with clear history (no defaulter record) and would offer as much as 50% subsidy for preferred customers.

This program is expected to be started by the mid December or so. So this Christmas season expect some great deals for your iPhone 4S in India :D

Aircel Unveils Tariff Plans For iPhone 4S in India

With the launch of iPhone 4S scheduled on 25th November and with pre-ordering already started, Aircel has done its bit to gather more customers by introducing attractive tariff plans. The tariff plans as you can see below depict different rates as per different variants of the iPhone 4S(16GB,32GB,64GB). The 16 GB version of iPhone 4S is priced at Rs. 44,500 which is the costliest as compared to the costs in other countries. Aircel alongwith Airtel are the only ones as of now who have pioneered the sale of iPhone 4S in India.

With the success that iPhone 4S received in Europe and America,there is no doubt that it will follow suite in India too. with the increasing popularity of smartphones more and more consumers are getting attracted to buying one of their own iPhone 4S which is considered to be a status symbol now-a-days. Also, the die hard fans of the Apple product would also like to get their hands on the new kid on the block. And with the introduction of  Siri the proposal becomes all but tempting to replace the old iPhone versions with the new one.

Check out the Tariff Plans for the iPhone 4S with 50% money back:

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iPhone 4S Price in India [Estimate]

According to various rumors floating around the internet, Apple could be bringing the iPhone 4S to India this month.

The Indian launch date is said to be on 24th November as we reported earlier.

A lot of people have been asking me about the cost of the iPhone 4S in India.

So here’s a rough estimate of what I think the iPhone 4S will cost in India:

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iPhone 4S to Launch in 15 More Countries on 11th November

Keeping its promise of launching the iPhone 4s is as many countries as possible before the end of the year, Apple is doing every bit to achieve their 70 countries target before the end of  this year.

So as announced earlier Apple will be launching the iPhone4S in 15 more countries on 11th of November taking their tally up to the 44 countries mark, adding up to the 7 countries first phase launch and the 22 countries second phase launch in the month of October.

The following countries are included in the second phase:
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iPhone 3G India Official Pricing out !

As posted earlier Vodafone and Airtel are all set to launch the iPhone 3G on 22nd August. But the prices were not known then.

Just today, many sites seem to have the Official Pricing Details available.

According to them iPhone 3G 8Gb will be available for Rs. 31,000 and the iPhone 3G 16Gb for Rs.37,000 !

Here’s what says :

Well, that’s about to change now as we’ve received official pricing for the most-awaited phone.

The 8 GB version of the iPhone 3G will cost Rs. 31,000, while the 16 GB version will cost between Rs. 36,000 and Rs. 37,000.

These prices are not inclusive of the plan these phones will come bundled with.

Customers buying the iPhone will have a choice of plans to choose from, so stay online with us to get those details soon.

Apple once again seems to have done unjustice to its Indian users and set a sky high price for their iPhones ! Note that even with a price tag of 31 thousand, the iPhone will be subsidized and will still be Locked under a 1 yr or 2 yr Contract !

Airtel set to launch iPhone 3G on 22nd August

Just few days back I’d posted about Vodafone being the first to bring iPhone in India followed by AirTel 15 days later. But Bharti Airtel in a press release made it Official that it will launch the iPhone 3G on the 22nd August !

But none of the Companies, neither Vodafone nor Bharti have made its pricing details public, leaving people guessing on its Price and monthly tariff rates.

AirTel in a statement mentioned that the iPhone 3G would be available for purchase at Airtel’s Relationship Centres from August 22.

A Company Spokeperson, Mr. Kapoor said :

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iPhone 3G India Pricing Details Revealed

People all over India were excited about the iPhone Launch back in July. But were soon disappointed to know that it won’t be available in India anytime before November. Analysts suggested that iPhone would come to India during Diwali Festival. But now according to various sources Vodafone is the first Carrier in India to bring the iPhone here.

Vodafone has set a August 18th Launch Date for the iPhone. They’ve also hinted at the Pricing Details. The iPhone however does come with a 2 yr Contract.

The Pricing Details are as follows : (Pricing Source is from a Vodafone insider)