[How To] Change Icon Size in Launchpad In Mac OS X Lion

If you are tired of looking at the large icons on your Mac OS X Lion and want to do away with those and replace them with traditional small icons there here is a trick to do so. Although this trick is restricted  to those who have an existing backup of Mac OS X 10.7.1 through Time Machine or otherwise.

You will need a copy of Dock.app from OS X Lion 10.7.1. This will be stored in the Time Machine backup, or is accessible on Macs that haven’t been updated to 10.7.2 yet. After that:

  • Right-click on Dock.app from OS X 10.7.1 and choose “Show Package Contents”
  • Open “Contents” and then open “MacOS”
  • Copy the executable file “Dock” to your Mac OS X desktop

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