[How to] Install OS X Lion On Your PC With UniBeast All-In-One Bootable USB Drive

There are many wanna be Mac OSX users who always try to bring the Mac OSX experience on their non Apple based computers using some Themes or Transformation packs or just use a Virtualization software to install Mac OSX on their laptops or desktops running Windows OS.

And then there are the others who take a slightly different route and try their best to natively install the Mac OS X on their Windows based computers. The process to natively install Mac OSX on normal non apple machine is Hackintosh, but the procedure to do it is not a piece of cake and involves some compromises as well.

But then there are geniuses like Tony who are always upto something new in technology and bringing the Mac OSX experience onto your Windows based PC(Desktop or Laptop).He has now introduced UniBeast all-in-one bootable USB drive to allow PC users to enjoy Mac OSX on their hardware natively.

Here’s what you have to do to install Mac OSX on your Desktop/Laptop using USB Drive:

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