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[How to] Turn off iMac/Mac Book Pro/Mac Mini Display Using Hot Corner In Mac OS X

If you own an iMac you’d probably be aware that you just cannot manually turn off just the display cause there’s no hardware button to turn the display off.

Now you can put your screen to sleep by the use of  Hot Corners. You can setup hot corners in the mission control on the Mac OS X Lion and they can be activated just by sliding cursor into the specified corners of the screen.

Follow these step in order to set it up:

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BBC iPlayer App To Be Available On iPhone And iPod Touch From Thursday, Dec 8

Earlier this year, BBC’s iPlayer iPad app extended their subscription-based streaming service to eleven European countries, and recently added Canada, Scandinavia, and Australia to top sixteen territories globally. Today the company  has announced the app will be available on iPhone and iPod touch starting Thursday, December 8 (via TNW).

The global BBC iPlayer app is a Video-on-Demand (VoD) pilot subscription service which is different from the UK version of iPlayer, in which it gives international users access to an extensive archive of classic and contemporary British TV programmes.

The UK iPlayer service is more focused on catch-up TV, with a 30-day window to watch following the initial broadcast.

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Refurbished iPhone 4 Sold As Corporate Deals for just INR 22,500, Unavailable to General Public

With the launch of iPhone 4S in India it was expected to be huge craze amongst all classes of people.

But many of potential buyers of the Apple product were put-off by its humongous price tag. Priced at 44,500 INR, it seemed to be out of reach for many aspirants and current users who wanted to do an upgrade, especially with the introduction of “Siri” the voice assistant and also many new features like 8MP Camera.

The old phones which were submitted by the users who did an upgrade made it possible for Apple to refurbish these phones and sell it at considerable rates.

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[InfoGraphic] Apple v/s Samsung Patent Wars

We have seen a lot of it already, Apple seeking ban on Samsung Tablets in multiple countries worldwide and succeeding in some while still fighting for it in some of them.

For those who are still not aware of this ongoing patent wars between Apple And Samsung, here’s a nice Infographic created by MBA explaining the whole fiasco within a picture. Where it all Started with the Launch of Samsung Galaxy Series Devices and the first victory for Apple resulting in Galaxy Tab ban in Germany which was soon followed by ban in Australia(0f which australian case trial is postponed till march 2012 recently).

While Samsung was surely facing the heat, they too got success of sorts when they asked Apple to give away the Source code of iPhone 4S coding to avoid further conflicts, which eventually exploited their technology the rivals directly.

Check out the slick Infograph below: 

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Now Make Motion Videos On iPhone With Glidetrack Mobislyder

One film technique that separates the pros from the amateurs is the tracking or dolly shot. With a tracking shot, the camera moves along a track, providing a sense of motion that isn’t possible with a static camera. Glidetrack pioneered a portable camera slider (AKA track) in 2008, and now the company is taking pre-orders for a relatively inexpensive (US$135 introductory price) device called the mobislyder that’s designed for shooting video with the iPhone, iPod touch, and other small cameras.

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Install Siri on iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G Courtesy H1Siri From Cydia Store

We have seen lots of developers trying their hearts out to bring the Siri port on the iPhone 4 and other older iDevices (other than iPhone4S which officially has the feature out of the box),many of them tried different tricks to fool the apple servers for getting their devices recognized as iPhone 4S while using the feature.

Last week we also reported about siriOus tool which was pulled hours after the release over the Cydia store,since the developer wanted to try  out different voice recognition technology for his app.Now as reported earlier today by iClarified yet another app has surfaced over Cydia claiming to be working on older iDevices named H1 Siri.

Though it’s not yet clear about how the port works for the older iDevices but it’s belied that like other hacks its also using a proxy to service the requests from the users, so expect somewhat buggy experience and request failures because of excessive traffic load on the server.

Checkout the H1Siri video in action:

To install it follow these steps:

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Apple Suggested Alternate Designs to Samsung For it’s Galaxy Smartphones and Tabs

All of us know about the heating battle between Apple and Samsung with Apple seeking ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab due to similar designing of their tablet to the Apple’s highly popular iPad which is currently a leader in the tablet marketshare.

Recently public versions of legal briefs were released and as spotted earlier by TheVerge, Apple suggested some alternative designs for Samsung Galaxy Tab to clearly distinguish between the two rival tablets and to avoid any further controversy with their phones and tablet design.

Here’s what Apple suggested for the alternate smartphone design for Samsung smartphones:

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FieldFolio Case : Give your iPad 2 a Hardbound Book-like Look!

The FieldFolio case for iPad 2 is an innovative case that’s inspired by classic cloth-bound notebooks. It’s manufactured by hand from recycled board and cotton-blend bookbinding linens, and traditionally bound just like a real book.

But instead of paper inside it, you’ll find a custom-fit cradle that holds your iPad.

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