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Steve Jobs unhappy about MobileMe

Steve Jobs at 4 PM Pacific Time on Monday sent an EMail to his Employers regarding the outcome of MobileMe and the way it’s been shaped up.
Mr.Jobs was apparently very much disappointed with the way MobileMe has turned out. He felt it was launched in a hurry and was not upto Apple Standards !

He expressed to his Employers that the launch of MobileMe should’ve been done in stages and launched only after thorough testings. He also said it was a mistake to coincide the launch of MobileMe with the iPhone 3G.

In effect of this, Jobs told all of his Staff related to MobileMe Development to report to Eddy Cue who in turn will report directly to Jobs himself. Cue therefore will lead all the Online Services provided by Apple right from iTunes to App Store and now MobileME ! has made public the full Email which Job’s had sent.

Check it out below :

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Upcoming MacBook's leaked Pics

Few days back I’d written an entry about the new MacBook along with some of its rumoured features. Recently a Taiwanese Website leaked pictures of what possibly resembles the upcoing MacBook which is said to have an Aluminum Body and 16:9 Aspect Widescreens.

These photos could very well be Photoshopped so just consider this as a Runour and Unconfirmed news !

Check out the Pics below :

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Looking at these pictures, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Tablet like setup. This stongly indicates a Touchscreen Macbook. If these pics do turn out to be true, then get set for the bigger version of iPhone :D

[Apple Owner]

Airtel set to launch iPhone 3G on 22nd August

Just few days back I’d posted about Vodafone being the first to bring iPhone in India followed by AirTel 15 days later. But Bharti Airtel in a press release made it Official that it will launch the iPhone 3G on the 22nd August !

But none of the Companies, neither Vodafone nor Bharti have made its pricing details public, leaving people guessing on its Price and monthly tariff rates.

AirTel in a statement mentioned that the iPhone 3G would be available for purchase at Airtel’s Relationship Centres from August 22.

A Company Spokeperson, Mr. Kapoor said :

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iPhone/iPod Touch 2.0.1 Firmware Download

Apple released a new update to its iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPod Touch lineup this Monday (i.e. 4th August) The Firmware version 2.0.1 is update to the previously released 2.0 Firmware.

The new Firmware fixes some Bugs and improves on Security.

The Changelog is as Follows :

Foxconn makes 800,000 iPhones a Week

Some of you might already be aware that a Taiwanese Company called Foxconn is responsible for the assembly of Apples iPhone. But not many people know the amount of iPhones being produced as Apple rarely makes its production reports public.

With the recent improvements and introduction of features such as MobileMe, Push EMail and App Store the demand for iPhone has sky rocketed ! The iPhone 3G sold 1 Million pieces in the first 72 Hrs when it was launched on July 11th !

If a source inside Apple is to be believed, Foxconn is going to increase its iPhone Production to nearly 800,000 iPhone 3G’s a week thats about 40 Million iPhones a Year ! But with quantity, Foxconn seems to have ignored Quality with the recent reports of iPhone 3G’s with cracked casings and uneven brightness among screens.

Till the end of this year, Apple plans to Launch iPhones in over 50 more Countries. Hope they don’t compromise in quality while trying to cope up with the user demand…..


iPhone App Dev makes 1800$ per day

Apple App Store

iPhone no doubt has opened up a whole new area for Software Developers. The iPhone as a software platform provides tremendous potential for the Developers to earn good money mainly because of the Application Distribution System deviced by Apple called the App Store !

A Part-Time iPhone Developer has revealed that she makes upto 1800$ per day !

Eliza Block, the Developer of a Crossword Puzzle game called “2 Across” found out that she’d made close to 1800$ on Wednesday and the earnings were similar on following days.

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Tutorial : Unlock iPhone 2.0/2.0.1 Firmware (Winpwn)

Use this Guide to Unlock/JailBreak your 2G iPhone with Firmware 2.0.  (Note : This wont work with 3G iPhone)

Tools needed for Unlock :

1. iPhone 2.0 Firmware : Download >HERE< OR iPhone 2.0.1 Firmware : Download >HERE<
2. WinPwn : Download >HERE<
3. 3.9 BL (Bootloader) : Download >HERE<
4. 4.6 BL : Download >HERE<
5. .Net Framework 2.0 : Download >HERE< (Only needed on Windows XP)

How to install and Unlock 2.0/2.0.1 :

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