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iPhone SSH via USB using WinSCP

Transferring Files overs SSH, managing File Permissions and Executing Commands via Putty till now was only possible if you had a Wifi Router. Many people who didn’t have any Wifi Router couldn’t install or use many 3rd Party Unofficial Applications.

Follow this Simple Guide on connecting to iPhone via SSH using WinSCP !

Requirements :

  • iPhone with OpenSSH Installed (install this via Cydia)To install OpenSSH on iPhone:
    1. Open Cydia
    2. Goto Search > Search for “OpenSSH”
    3. Install it and reboot your iPhone.
  • iPhone Tunnel Suite : Click Here (17mb) Contains WinSCP-Putty and other softwares bundled.

Things you need to do :

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Apple to fix iPhone's 3G Network issues via Software Update

Just 2 days back I mentioned about the Network Issues that were faced by many Users. The Network problem was mainly related to the 3G Reception of the iPhone.

According to a report by Sweden’s engineering magazine Ny Teknik, the problem is not cause of any Hardware Defect, but just a miscalibrated setting in the Software that controls the iPhone 3G’s antenna and an amplifier that captures faint signals from the antenna.

Hear what a few other Sources have to say :
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Jobs : iPhone has a kill switch !

There were always speculations of the iPhone having something called as a Kill Switch using which Apple can remotely Kill any thing on your iPhone but its never been made official by any Apple Executive, that is until now !

Recently in an interview to Walls Street Journal, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs admitted to iPhones having a mechanism that allows the device to contact Apple website and delete the software that the company deems harmful.

Jobs told to WSJ, “”Hopefully we never have to pull that lever, but we would be irresponsible not to have a lever like that to pull.

Apple using this Kill Switch or Lever, can remove any software on the iPhone which they think is malicious. However if Apple wanted they could’ve pulled this switch long back in the days where Unofficial 3rd Party Apps were common.

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Apple might recall some iPhone 3G's

Various reports and forum discussions have suggested that the new iPhone 3G seems to have serious Network Issues. These include frequent call drops and unstable 3G Signals. Reportedly the iPhone 3G fails to maintain the 3G connection even when in 1 place and keeps switching between 3G and EDGE !

Here’s what 1 User had to say :

Sitting in place you can watch the bars on your iPhone 3G fluctuate up and down…3G to Edge and back again.  Furthermore, AT&T;’s 3G signal seemingly fails to remain connected when you are inside a building without copious amounts of windows.  Go to the bathroom at work?  Lose the 3G.  Step inside my home?  Lose the 3G.  I know that this is an issue with the handset because even when I switch the 3G off in my home and am fully on Edge I still get a horrible signal.  Outside? Full bars.  Inside?  Anywhere from a max of 3 bars to complete No Service.

Whats interesting is that these problems are due to an immature chipset and radio protocol stack and thus cannot be fixed via Firmware Updates. Apple will have to recall all these iPhone 3G’s inorder to fix this problem.

[via - ilounge]

iPhone 3G India Official Pricing out !

As posted earlier Vodafone and Airtel are all set to launch the iPhone 3G on 22nd August. But the prices were not known then.

Just today, many sites seem to have the Official Pricing Details available.

According to them iPhone 3G 8Gb will be available for Rs. 31,000 and the iPhone 3G 16Gb for Rs.37,000 !

Here’s what says :

Well, that’s about to change now as we’ve received official pricing for the most-awaited phone.

The 8 GB version of the iPhone 3G will cost Rs. 31,000, while the 16 GB version will cost between Rs. 36,000 and Rs. 37,000.

These prices are not inclusive of the plan these phones will come bundled with.

Customers buying the iPhone will have a choice of plans to choose from, so stay online with us to get those details soon.

Apple once again seems to have done unjustice to its Indian users and set a sky high price for their iPhones ! Note that even with a price tag of 31 thousand, the iPhone will be subsidized and will still be Locked under a 1 yr or 2 yr Contract !

Unlock 2.0.1 : Download PwnageTool 2.0.2 (Mac)

The latest update to the PwnageTool has just been released by the iPhone Dev Team. This version version now supports the iPhone/iPod Firmware version 2.0.1 which was released this Monday and fixes up some annoying bugs !

Along with 2.0.1 Support, this version of PwnageTool comes with the much awaited release of Installer 4 in Beta version. Installer if you remember was the 1st Way to distribute JailBroken applications by the 3rd Party Community via Repos. Apple later on influenced by this planned and opened up their own App Store based on the ideals of Installer !

Along with Installer, Cydia is also included by Default.

Here’s what the iPhone Dev Team says at their Official Blog :
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Wireless Sync might come soon to iPhone/iTouch

According to an Email received by iClarified a private framework has been spotted by the name of “Wireless Sync” This is not confirmed, but may be coming up soon, since they already have the code written.

iSchmaves-sPhone:/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks root# ls
….. MobileSync.framework/ JavaScriptCore.framework/ MobileWirelessSync.framework/ WebKit.framework/

Checkout the following Screen Shot :

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Writing Pad App uses Unique Input Method

Just today I downloaded a new application called Writing Pad for the iPhone. Whats special about this Application was that the unique technique one could use to Input Text.

It uses an absolutely unique and innovative technique to enter text. What it does is that it enables you to enter text into the iPhone by tracing word shapes rather than typing letters.

All you have to do is move over the letter of the word you want to type making a contact point on each letter, Writing Pad accurately captures it and also shows you other possible suggestions !

Other features include the regular option to EMail the text and Auto Saving feature.

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