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Spore Origins for iPhone out on AppStore

Electronic Arts most anticipated adventure game of this year, Spore was released this Monday for the iPhone. The iPhone version is titled as Spore Origins.

Some of the iPhone/iPod Touch Specific Features that Spore will have are :

  • Tilt, turn, and twist your way through the primordial ooze with your motion-sensing accelerometer.
  • Pinch, pull, and poke your creation in the Creature Editor, customizing the texture, shape, and body parts to fit the way you play.
  • Personalize your game-play by skinning your creature with pictures from your device’s Photo Albums.
  • Experience 2 exciting game modes: Evolution and Survival.
  • Survive 30 challenging levels teaming [sic] with bizarre creatures.
  • Navigate treacherous caverns to explore various strange worlds.
  • Enjoy vivid graphics, dynamic animations and atmospheric music on your evolutionary journey.

You can download this Game from the AppStore or follow this Link to download it.

Spore Origins Costs 10$ ! Check out this Review if you’re wondering whether its worth the 10 bucks or not.

Spore Walkthough : Modmyifone

iTunes 8 Features and Launch Date Confirmed + iPhone 2.1 Expected

The next Apple Event was confirmed to be taking place on 9th September and Apple had sent out invitation for it in an iPod like Designed plycard as reported earlier.

The main subject of this Event was the new iPod 4G Launch and new iPod Touch design. But along with that, its now confirmed that iTunes 8 will also be launched along side to coincide with the launch of new iPods.

Some Features that iTunes 8 is reported to have are :

  • New Genius feature that will group similar Music together and Create Playlists along with a Genius Sidebar which recommends you Music from iTunes Store automatically guessing your Music type.
  • HD TV Shows : Users will now be able to download 720p Encoded High Definition Video Content.
  • Grid View : As the name suggests, a new Grid Layout will be available. I reckon it will be same as one thats been used for showing Application now.
  • New Music Visualizer

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KeyVib : Tactile Feedback for iPhone

A new plugin of sorts has recently appeared in Cydia which makes the iPhone Vibrate with each key press. This takes the iPhone 1 step closer to tactile feedback.

The application is named KeyVib and provides just a Toggle Switch to Enable or Disable the Vibration. The software is reported to not drain much battery and is pretty conservative in terms of battery usage.

KeyVib is currently available via the iSpazio Source.

Note : To use this Application you need a JailBreaked iPhone and 2.0+ Firmware !

EA's Spore Launch Date + Other Games

Spore is one of the most anticipated Game this Year. EA has also announced a version for iPhone and had also showcased it at the WDC sometime back.

The Official Launch Date is not Confirmed to be : September 7

EA has also announced a bunch of other Games :

  • YAHTZEE Adventures
  • EA Mini Golf
  • Lemonade Tycoon
  • Mahjong
  • MONOPOLY: Here & Now The World Edition
  • SimCity
  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09
  • Need for Speed™ Undercover
  • The Sims™ 3

MMS for iPhone : SwirlyMMS

The iPhone does have some drawbacks, MMS was said to be one of them. But even then that drawback was filled with a 3rd Party Application called as SwirlyMMS. SwirlyMMS worked till Firmware 1.1.4. The new 2.0 Firmware brought come core system changes in the Firmware and thus needed a recode of most older Applications.

Recently the Official Blog of SwirlyMMS announced that they’ve successfully ported it to 2.x Firmware and have confirmed it works.

The application is not yet released. It will be available soon on Cydia and Installer. Expect a Public Release soon !

Check out  :

Apple's Next Event 9th Sept

Apple recently sent out invites to its next Special Event which is going to be held this September the 9th. The invitation picture above resembles the iPods Interface with a tag line Let’s Rock.

The event will take place at Yerba Buena Center in Sans Francisco at 10am Pacific.

The design of the Invitation hints strongly at Apple releasing its rumored iPod Nano 4th Generation along with price drops for iPod Touch.

iPhone Passcode Fix

News about the iPhone Security bug is all over the Internet now. If you still are not aware of the bug, let me tell you in Brief whats it about.

Anyone can bypass the Passcode Lock of your iPhone by following this simple 2 Step Procedure :

  1. Hit Emergency Call Button
  2. Then Press Home Button twice very rapidly

What this will do is that it will launch the Favourite Contacts list, which exposes your Locked iPhones Contact List, Safari and even Mail Application !

To Fix this Bug you need to change the Home Shortcut. Follow this :

  1. Open Setting > General > Home Button
  2. In here Select “Home”

Now instead of Opening Contacts from the Emergency Screen, the screen will simply refresh and load up the Emergency Screen again !

Note that this is not a Serious Bug as there’s no access to other Applications – just Contacts, SMS, Mail, Safari are affected !

iPod Nano 4G Case Spotted

Engadget’s Spanish branch recently spotted what appears to be a iPod Nano 4th Generation Screen. Just a few days back I’d posted about the ReVamped Design of the iPod Nano.

Check out some Photos of the iPod Nano 4G Casing :

Click to Enlarge

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