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Download iOS 5 Beta 4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [Direct Link]

The newest build of iOS 5 Beta was released yesterday. What’s special about this is that apart from being available from the Dev Center, this is the first ever Over-The-Air (OTA) update.

So if you have iOS 5 Beta 3 installed on a Developer activated device then you can simply go in the Software update tab and update from right within your iDevice.

If you don’t have iOS 5 Beta 3 yet, you can directly install Beta 4 using the following links:


iPad iOS 5 Beta 4 iPad1,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 710.67 MB

iPhone 4 (GSM) iOS 5 Beta 4 iPhone3,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 785.29 MB

iPhone 3GS iOS 5 Beta 4 iPhone2,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 666.74 MB

iPod Touch 4 iOS 5 Beta 4 iPod4,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 772.73 MB

iPod Touch 3 iOS 5 Beta 4 iPod3,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 636.03 MB

iPad 2 (WiFi) iOS 5 Beta 4 iPad2,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 716.84 MB

iPad 2 (GSM-3G) iOS 5 Beta 4 iPad2,2_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 725.26 MB [Torrent]

iPad 2 (CDMA) iOS 5 Beta 4 iPad2,3_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 730.59 MB [Torrent]


[Links via iMZDl]

Update: iOS 5 Beta 5 has now been released. Click here to Download iOS 5 Beta 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

[How to] Install OS X Lion from USB Pen Drive or DVD (Clean Install)

OS X Lion was released today via the Official Mac App Store. Apple has limited the ways to get Lion on your Mac to only the Mac App Store. There is no Official method as of now from Apple that lets you perform a Clean Install of Lion on your Mac.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t perform a clean install of Lion.


1. Mac OS X Snow Leopard with Mac App Store installed.

Link to purchase OS X Lion from App Store ($29.99)

2. A USB Drive with minimum 8Gb capacity.

Alternate Requirement: 4.7Gb DVD (Procedure of getting the Lion setup onto a Blank DVD is same as below, simply skip the 3rd Step)


Follow the steps below to Install OS X Lion from a USB Pen Drive:


1. Download Lion from the Mac App Store. You will get the setup in your Applications folder. Go to your Applications folder, Right Click on “Install Mac OS X Lion” and select Show Package Contents.

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Download iOS 5 Beta 2 – Direct Links for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Apple just released an update to its BETA Dev release of iOS 5. The iOS Beta 2 is now available for download for all registered Apple developers.

The new release features the much needed Wifi Sync feature.

Below are the Direct Download Links to Download iOS 5 Beta 2. Note that your device will be needed to registered in the Apple Developer portal inorder to be able to update to it.

You will need to download iTunes 10.5 Beta 2 inorder to install iOS 5 Beta 2.


iTunes 10.5 Beta 2 Mac: |

iTunes for Windows 64-bit:


iPad 2 GSM:,2_5.0_9A5248d_Restore.ipsw |

iPad 2 CDMA: |,3_5.0_9A5248d_Restore.ipsw

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Download Firefox 5 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

Mozilla just made the final build of Firefox 5 available for download 2 days before its official release. The improvements over earlier Firefox 4 include support for more smoother CSS Animations, a Do-not-track setting and other minor performance tweaks.

Download Firefox 5 :


[How to] Jailbreak iOS 5 – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

iOS 5 brings in a ton of new features for which everyone is very eager to update and get a feel of the new OS. iOS 5 BETA was launched for Developers in order for them to create and test their existing apps. But a lot of consumers who were eager to use iOS 5 too have gone ahead and installed it on their iDevices with the help of their Developer friends.

Just today a Jailbreak was released for iOS5. This is a tethered jailbreak which means everytime you restart you device and want to use the jailbroken apps you will need to run Redsn0w again.

This jailbreak works on the following devices:

  • iPod touch 3G
  • iPod touch 4G
  • iPad 1
  • iPhone3GS
  • iPhone4 (GSM)
  • iPhone4 (CDMA)

The following applications provided by  Jailbreaking  are currently absent :

  • MobileSubstrate
  • Springtomize
  • PhotoMail
  • ActionMenu
  • Celeste
  • BiteSMS
  • WinterBoard


Things you’ll require:

Follow the screenshots below to Jailbreak your iDevice :

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iOS 5 : Initial Setup and Whats New

Apple yesterday announced the next update to its iOS, the iOS 5.

iOS 5 comes with over 200 new features. Some of these features are  described by Apple here :

I just installed the Developer Beta of iOS 5 on my iPad.

One of the most prominent feature of iOS 5 is that it gets rid of cables completely. It offers a totally Wireless solution to manage your Media and Device.

No longer will you see the dreaded Connect to iTunes Logo at start with a picture showing an Apple USB Cable to connect to iTunes.

iOS 5 comes with a totally revamped Setup interface, which allows you to setup everything right from the phone without needing any Mac/PC.

Check out the various Setup steps and Changes below  :

Signin with Apple ID

Choose to Sync to iCloud or not

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Download Samsung Kies for Mac OS X

Samsung Kies is a tool provided by Samsung for its Android based devices which allows management of Music and Videos.

Kies for Mac has just been released by Samsung. This Mac version will allow you to manage videos and music and also allow you to receive and install Firmware updates for your Samsung mobile.

The latest version was launched to support the recently released Samsung Galaxy S2.

Download Kies for Mac OSX from : Click Here

Once on that page, click on Kies for Mac and download it.

Here’s the Direct Link : Click Here


Workaround for Lion

Here’s how to make Kies work in Lion :

Download the previous version of Kies for Mac KiesMac_1.0.0.11055_7.dmg .

Once its installed, open Kies and perform an Update. (Kies > Preferences > Update)


RecognizeMe : Facial Recognition Lockscreen for iPhone

There have been numerous types of Lockscreens for the iPhone till now ranging from simple number based to full fledged gesture based. But a recent lockscreen application blows all of those away.

RecognizeMe, a custom lockscreen for iPhone is the first ever Facial Recognition based security for any consumer mobile device. This ofcourse will require you to have a front facing camera and thus is limited to only the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2.

The application is still in its initial stages and takes some time to compute.

The coolness of this app can only be appreciated via a working video. Check it out:

RecognizeMe retails for 7$ on the Cydia Store.