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Apple to activate hidden FM Radio in iPhone and iPod Touch


The iPhone and iPod Touch have most of the features any Music device should have. But many people missed an FM Radio. Well there seems to be some good news for FM lovers.

Apple was always reluctant to include a FM Radio in their iPod lineup but with the inclusion of  FM Radio in their latest iPod Nanos opened up hopes for inclusion of FM in other Apple devices too.

The current iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G have a FM Receiver Module, just that theres no software to make use of it.

Apparently Apple is waiting for the integration of Apple Music Store and FM App so that users can buy the Song which they like while listening to FM.

This is not the first time that Apple has decided to keep a feature locked, Apple had previously kept some features hidden initially like the iPod 2Gs Bluetooth. It was 10 months later that Apple decided to make use of the Bluetooth feature.

As to how long will it take for the Official to launch is best known by Apple itself. We all can just cross our fingers and wait for the Best!

iPod Touch & Nano Gets Cameras

Information regarding Apple’s next major product revamp seems to have been leaked quite few months back, but now, its been almost confirmed by the Chinese Case Manufacturers. Apple always uses the element of surprise to boost its stock prices and create curiousity among Apple lovers by keeping the product a closely guarded secret till the end.

The Chinese Case Manufacturers have confirmed Images and Features of the upcoming iPod Nano and iPod Touch, which is supposedly to get Camera treatment.

Check out the Images below : (Courtesy

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iPod Nano 5G Images Leaked

Apple’s WWDC event is just a few days away now. Apple is said to be announcing its next iteration of iPhone,  iPods and OSX. So it’s quite a major and much awaited event for everyone.

Apple is well known for keeping its forecoming products a tightly wrapped secret until the last moment. But somehow people manage to leak out bits of information about its future products just days before its announcement.

Apple’s also said to be launching a new iPod Nano (5th Gen) which was rumored to include a Digital Camera.

From the leaked image above, you can clearly see a Digital Camera at the back. The specification of the camera are still unknown. The screen features a widened 1.5:1 aspect ratio. Resolution will most probably be the same as previous Nano models.

The Click Wheel is still retained and thus there’s no possibility of this being a Touch based device.

Note : This is to be taken as a Rumor only. There’s no credible source to prove this news.

[via - ilounge]

Chrome coming to iPhone

Google Chrome has already created waves all over the Internet due to its simple design and super fast browsing speeds. Even though Chrome is still in BETA for Desktop Versions, development is still on for its Mobile Versions.

A version specifically made for the iPhone is also planned. Although its not confirmed by Google yet. A WebSite called freechromethemes has put up a page about the Chrome Browser for iPhone.

Apple for one, will surely not allow any 3rd Party Browser to run on its device. So there’s a strong possibility of this news being just a fake rumor.

Lets wait and watch….

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iTunes 8 Features and Launch Date Confirmed + iPhone 2.1 Expected

The next Apple Event was confirmed to be taking place on 9th September and Apple had sent out invitation for it in an iPod like Designed plycard as reported earlier.

The main subject of this Event was the new iPod 4G Launch and new iPod Touch design. But along with that, its now confirmed that iTunes 8 will also be launched along side to coincide with the launch of new iPods.

Some Features that iTunes 8 is reported to have are :

  • New Genius feature that will group similar Music together and Create Playlists along with a Genius Sidebar which recommends you Music from iTunes Store automatically guessing your Music type.
  • HD TV Shows : Users will now be able to download 720p Encoded High Definition Video Content.
  • Grid View : As the name suggests, a new Grid Layout will be available. I reckon it will be same as one thats been used for showing Application now.
  • New Music Visualizer

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Some Cool Apple Product Mockups [Photos]

Concept Images by Miguel Suárez, looks Superb !

Jet Black MacBook Pro

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

iPod Nano 4G

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iPod Nano Revamped + other Major Rumors

Kevin Rose, Founder and Architect of informed us about the latest major News about Apple’s line of iPod. The iPod Nano is said to have undergone a major revemp in its design.

Take a look at the Pic and Video Below to see how the new iPod Nano Looks like !

Some other Rumors that Kevin posted were :

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