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Mac Apps

Growl 1.3 Released With Major Changes

Growl, the notification system for Mac OS X, was recently updated to version 1.3. While “dot updates” to apps usually don’t signal a major change, that’s not the case with the latest version of Growl. In a post on the Growl blog, the team described the major changes that have taken place:

Growl is no longer free: The app has a full-time development team, and all of the money made from the sale of the app on the Mac App Store goes toward supporting the continuing development. Growl is available for US$1.99, and the team reported that without moving to a paid app model, development would have ceased. It’s still, however, an open source project.

Growl need not be installed for you to get notifications: When developers update their apps to take advantage of Growl 1.3, Growl no longer be installed for users to get notifications. As the team puts it, “Think of these updated applications as Growl, and the Growl application as Growl Pro. The Growl 1.3 SDK includes a framework which can display a notification, even if Growl is not available.”

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iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3 Unveiled with more fixes for iTunes Match

Apple has released iTunes Match beta 3 to developers following the scheduled library reset that took place yesterday, November 11th. The latest beta version of iTunes Match addresses a number of important performance and stability improvements.

Apple had originally scheduled the public launch of iTunes Match for the end of October, but that deadline came and went by. Apple is still applying final touches before releasing its $24.99/year cloud music service.

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Download Firefox 8 for Mac, Linux and Windows

Firefox 8

Mozilla has been working real hard, pushing new Firefox releases every month. Mozilla just launched the latest version of Firefox – Firefox 8.

Firefox 8 comes with Twitter search integration, improved HTML5 support and better extension/plugin security. Unfortunately it still doesn’t support OS X Lion’s full screen functionality.

You can download Firefox 8 via the links below:

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WinAmp for Mac – Now Sync your iTunes Music to Android Phones in OS X

WinAmp, the first Music Player which I used, has now arrived on the Mac OS X platform and has brought in a few great features for Android users, most notably iTunes music syncing and library sharing and Wi-Fi syncing. Now you can take any existing iTunes playlist and sync it directly to an Android device without having to carry out some tedious tasks.

The app is still in its beta phase but works quite well enough to use, with a very light memory and CPU footprint and an attractive enough user interface. If you’re an Android user that owns a Mac, this may be the best way to get your iTunes music library onto your Android phone.

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Trillian for Mac [Must Have Mac App #1]

I’ve been a full time Mac user for about 2 years now. The first thing that amazed me in OS X was the absolutely stunning user interface design of the applications in Mac. The application alone were enough to pull me over to the Mac side.

I’ll be posting a small review of some of the Mac apps I use on a daily basis and are a must have for anyone just starting with Mac OS X.

I’m going to start off with a app that I use the most – Trillian!

Trillian for Mac is a multi-protocol instant messaging chat application for Mac.

The various social messaging services supported by Trillian are:

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