Lion | The Apple Daily - Part 3


Mac OS X Lion iTunes users will get iCloud updates before iOS 5 Release

Here is good news for Mac OS X Lion & iTunes users. According to a source of Japanese Apple blog “Macotakara”,Mac OS X Lion & iTunes users will get an access to Apple’s new iCloud software before the mega launch of iOS 5.

According to sources the updates are expected to be available  prior to  OCT 12  thats is release of iOS 5 so it might possible that updates will be released on Monday or Tuesday . Though there is no official statement from Apple about update is required for either Lion or iTunes so that to become compatible with iCloud.

While testing the iCloud services they used pre-releases of Mac OS X 10.7.2 along with iTunes 10.5 that were developed to deliver support. In last week, Mac Developers used a Gold Master of OSX 10.7.2 which gives clear indication thats the software have been finalised and they are all set to release .

Download Google Chrome “Canary” build for Lion w/ Fullscreen support

A new update to Google Chrome was just released. This new update comes with support for Mac OS X Lion’s Full Screen support.

The early canary build comes with Native support for OS X Lion. Although this is not the final release you can download it and try it out via the following links :

Check back this post later for a short review on Chrome for Lion.

[Fix] “Click the lock to prevent further changes” not working after Lion Upgrade

I faced this peculiar issue after I performed the Lion upgrade wherein Pushing the “Lock to prevent further changes” in System Preferences just wouldn’t work.

All it did after clicking was to change the icon for a split second and go back to the unlocked state.

Well I found the solution which finally fixed the issue for me.

Step 1: Open Disk Utility > Select your Macintosh HD > Perform a Permission Repair

Step 2: