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iPod Touch & Nano Gets Cameras

Information regarding Apple’s next major product revamp seems to have been leaked quite few months back, but now, its been almost confirmed by the Chinese Case Manufacturers. Apple always uses the element of surprise to boost its stock prices and create curiousity among Apple lovers by keeping the product a closely guarded secret till the end.

The Chinese Case Manufacturers have confirmed Images and Features of the upcoming iPod Nano and iPod Touch, which is supposedly to get Camera treatment.

Check out the Images below : (Courtesy cultofmac.com)

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iPod Nano 5G Images Leaked

Apple’s WWDC event is just a few days away now. Apple is said to be announcing its next iteration of iPhone,  iPods and OSX. So it’s quite a major and much awaited event for everyone.

Apple is well known for keeping its forecoming products a tightly wrapped secret until the last moment. But somehow people manage to leak out bits of information about its future products just days before its announcement.

Apple’s also said to be launching a new iPod Nano (5th Gen) which was rumored to include a Digital Camera.

From the leaked image above, you can clearly see a Digital Camera at the back. The specification of the camera are still unknown. The screen features a widened 1.5:1 aspect ratio. Resolution will most probably be the same as previous Nano models.

The Click Wheel is still retained and thus there’s no possibility of this being a Touch based device.

Note : This is to be taken as a Rumor only. There’s no credible source to prove this news.

[via - ilounge]

Jailbreak iPhone/iTouch 2.1 Windows : Quickpwn

Its quite a while now that iPhone/iTouch 2.1 Firmware has been launched. A Jailbreak solution was released for the Mac Users. Windows users still had no easy option.

Well that is until now, the Dev Team has made available the latest version of QuickPwn for Windows, Quickpwn 2.1.

Quickpwn supports the following :

  • Unlocking and Jailbreaking of iPhone 2G
  • Jailbreaking of iPhone 3G
  • Jailbreaking of iPod Touch v1
  • Does NOT support Unlocking of iPhone 3G
  • Does NOT support Jailbreaking of iPod Touch v2

Download Quickpwn 2.1 from any of the following links :

Official Torrent: thepiratebay.org

FTP Links:

Microsoft .NET Framework (for XP) : softonic.com

Quickpwn is very easy to use. Just follow the simple onscreen instructions. If you face any problems just leave a comment and I’ll surely help you out.

Firmware 2.1 Wipes Data after 10 Incorrect Password Inputs

A major security Flaw in the iPhone was discovered a few weeks ago. This flaw bypassed the Lock and allowed access to Users private data. A workaround to fix that was posted here.

Apple has hence beefed up the Security in the new 2.1 Firmware and now provides a more secure option which Wipes all your Data if Incorrect Password is given 10 times in a row.

Check the ScreenShot below :

This option is currently available in the iPod 2.1 Firmware and I’m sure that it will be available in the iPhone 2.1 Firmware too.

iPod Touch v2 and iPod Nano 4G Box Shots

Along with the launch of the new iPods, Apple has also revamped its boxing and packaging style and now offers the iPods in a transparent plastic brick. This new minimalistic design does look pretty neat.

Check out some pics below : (Courtesy : EnGadget)

iPod Touch v2 :

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

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iPod Touch v2 Guided Tour and Ad (Video)

Apple has released a new Video to coincide with the Launch of its new iPod Touch. Apple has concentrated more on the Portable Gaming factor of the iPod. The “Funny” factor is specially highlighted as Apple calls it the Funniest iPod Ever.

The AD hence showcases a lot of games which include Moto Racer, Monkey Ball, Tap Tap Evolution among a few other top games. Check out the Video Below :

iPod Touch v2 and iPod Nano 4G Released

Apple’s Lets Rock Event took place yesterday and as Kevin Rose had suggested the New iPod Nano 4G and iPod Touch v2 were launched along with iTunes 8 and Firmware 2.1 Announcement.

iPod Touch v2 :

New Changes that iPod Touch v2 brings :
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Download iPod Touch 2.1 Firmware

iPod Touch 2.1 Firmware is now available for Download !

To download iPod Touch 2.1 : Click Here

There are no detailed Changelogs as of yet. But Steve Jobs says that this is a big update and it fixes a lot of bugs. These “bugs” were to be fixed with battery life improvements, a fix for app crashes, faster back ups and fewer dropped calls.

Although this was said referring to the iPhone 2.1 Update, changes such as imporved battery life, improved Application Stability and less crashes should apply for the iPod Touch as well.

To download other iPhone/iPod Firmwares follow this link !