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AirPort Utility For iOS 5 to manage AirPort for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

iOS provides a lot of settings for the users to manage the way iDevices work and interact with the environment. However it always focued on providing an easy and intuitive way to manage things.

One of these settings is managing Wifi. The way iOS handled it till now was via a very simple mechanism providing very little advanced network configuration settings.

But now with iOS 5, Apple is providing users with its famous AirPort like utility which is currently the de-facto Wireless Manager in OS X.

Users will be able to use a small app named as AirPort Utility to manage networks. User can download apps from App Store.

AirPort Express is a ‘lite’ version of Apple’s main AirPort Extreme router , which is device just cost for hundred bucks will boast Ethernet, USB & audio jack built in, which provide a cost effective way of streaming music across a network & sharing printers in one small device. This device implementation is of 802.11n support.















As well as the somewhat entry-level Express model, the Cupertino-based company also retails a more feature-rich hub, known as the AirPort Extreme. Looking considerably more like a traditional router, it sells for the significantly higher price of $179. AirPort Express is designed for those individuals, or small groups of users in a relatively confined area, the Extreme is aimed at the business types seeking a larger wireless field. The Time Capsule, which Apple introduced back in January 2008, is essentially AirPort Extreme with a large hard drive inside useful for storing Time Machine backups.

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First iPhone 4S Delivered to German Customers before Official Launch

Yesterday we reported about  some of the carriers have already started shipping the iPhone 4S the successor to the iPhone4 which was revealed last week in an event and got a record breaking opening for preorders.

The device is hitting the stores on 14th of this month,but already before the official launch,German customers have got their first hands on the iPhone4S right before the official launch which is still 3 days away from now, as reported earlier today by MacRumors.

There’s been a lot of criticism from the enthusiasts about the iPhone 4S mostly because of them expecting a iPhone 5 with a new design and features but the overall response to the sells shows us a contrasting picture, with earlier reports about AT&T selling 200,000 devices in 12hrs of preorders, other reports suggests that the device hit the 1 million mark within first 24 hours of its pre-orders and going out of stock in most of the places.


iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 : Side by Side Photo Comparison

iPhone 4S was launched after a product gap of more than a year. People were disappointed to see Apple using exactly the same chassis for the next iPhone instead of a brand new design.

People will be more disappointed to know that the new iPhone 4S doesn’t even mention that its a 4S (just like iPhone 3G or 3GS). It looks totally identical to the iPhone 4 from outside and there’s no way of telling apart an iPhone 4S from an iPhone 4 simply by comparing the back.

The only way to differentiate would be the side antenna rims.

Check out the side by side comparison of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 below:

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[via - MacRumors]

iPad Internet usage Passes iPhone, overall 97% in terms of All Tablets

iPad has been the most successful tablet in the history with both the versions that is iPad and iPad 2 setting a record for sales.With the Launch of iPhone4S the stage is set on fire for yet another hit from Apple.This record breaking sales of the devices converts into a huge market share in terms of the data usage.

As we take a look at the recent research from comScore with the  study of digital media consumption in the United States,revealed that iPad still dominates the Tablet world so much so that it has also surpassed the internet usage of it’s very own baby brother iPhone in the Internet Traffic.According to comScore research ,iPad accounted for as much as 97.2% of U.S. Internet traffic, as measured by browser-basd page views, from tablet devices for the period of June to August 2011.

If we have a look at the overall O.S platform marketshare, iOS still leads with  58.5% of  Traffic, the close second is Android with a huge difference at 31.9% almost half of that of the iOS based devices.With new upcoming faster versions of devices into the 4G LTE era will further boost this category of internet traffic with tablets and smartphones taking over the age old desktops.

iPhone 4S Benchmarked – 2x faster than iPhone 4

Recent post on MacRumors shows that a video had surfaced yesterday about the iPhone 4S tested for its capability with a couple of benchmarks. This test includes the new feature “Siri” which was revealed at the launch of “Lets talk iPhone” event at Apple Town Hall in the company’s own campus in Cupertino, California.

It seems that, the people at AppVV got hold of the yet to be released iPhone 4S before its official launch (which is still three days away) and they benchmarked it to compare its performance with other phones. The video they uploaded also shows a setting in Siri – iPhone 4S’ voice recognition feature – called Raise to Speak .

For people who are not familiar with the term ‘Siri’ for them, Siri is a new feature of the iPhone 4S which is a software personal assistant.Which means, Simply by speaking a request in natural language, Siri will perform a task to the best of its ability.

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Official Facebook for iPad App Released

Good news for all the iPad users in the town,the wait is over.Yesterday Facebook app for iPad was officially released,courtesy the universal binary,the app now supports all the iOS based devices,that is iPhone,iPod touch and iPad.

Some of the Features for Facebook for iPad

  •  Enjoy bigger, better photos: Your photos are high-res and easy to flip through, like a real photo album
  •  Navigate anywhere, fast: Just tap, slide or pinch to move from one screen to another
  •  Play games on the go: Access your favorite Facebook apps and games, wherever you are
  •  Focus on what matters: Zoom in on your friends’ photos, updates and stories
  •  Never lose your place: Share a photo, update your status or send a message without leaving News Feed
  •  See who’s nearby: Check out the Nearby map to see what your friends are up to

So get ready to get the high resolution experience of the Facebook on your iPad with power packed features like pinch gestures and the games and the Facebook messages and chats  and a highly optimized UI for the iPad.

Check out the ScreenShots and Download Link after the break.

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Apple Files For “In App Purchasing” Patent

In App Purchases has been one of the most promising feature for most of the applications running in the app store,an innovative revenue model for the apps which are made available as free for downloads but the in app purchases makes up for the Free App.Apple filed a patent for “In App Purchasing” quite a while ago,that is more than a year and a half way back in april 2010,the same emerged on the   US Patent & Trademark Office’s  yesterday.

The abstract reads,

The present technology provides a purchasing interface within an application that allows users to purchase a product from another source without leaving the application. The application offers a product for purchase, and a user, desiring to purchase the product can provide an input effective to cause a purchasing interface to be displayed. While the purchasing interface, or information presented therein, comes from the product source, which is different than the application source, it is presented in such a fashion that gives the impression to the user that they are purchasing the product directly from the application.

Though this patent has been filed by apple ,a similar patent which is already owned by a company named Lodsys, LLC , customer-based product design module which allows future interaction with customers from inside a service or an application and apple is already paying the company for using the same patent.So this might very well turn into a conflicting situation if at all apple is granted with this patent.

Difference between those two patent’s is that the Lodsys patent is covering a broad area ,but apple uses a more specific area than the actual patent.If at all apple gets hold of this patent,we might see a suing spree from Apple with the competitors like Google and  Microsoft  who are also bringing this concept in their respective application stores like Android market and Marketplace.


Sprint iPhone 4S Shipping Begins

We saw the much awaited launch of the iPhone 4S last week in the Let’s talk iPhone Event and though we didn’t see the much anticipated and rumored  iPhone 5, rather a step-uped version of the current phone. Early fan reactions were disappointing only for this same reason.

But on the contrary the iPhone 4S preorders have taken a huge leap with reports of as many as 200,000 units sold in first 12 hrs for pre-orders on AT&T network.This time around Sprint and Verizon also joined the race with AT&T to bring the newer version of iPhone to their networks as well and the response to those networks is also quite good.

So it’s obvious that there is going to be a tough competition amongst them to make the most of it,after the AT&T’s news about rapid sales of the phones it’s time for Sprint,as reported earlier by 9to5mac Sprint has already started shipping the iPhone 4S, as a reader from the blog tipped his Shipping notification for his iPhone 4S white 32GB version from Sprint and the phone will be shipping overnight/next day.

iPhone 4S hitting the stores in less than 4 days from now and is expected to beat all the previous records held by it’s predecessors.