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iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 : Side by Side Photo Comparison

iPhone 4S was launched after a product gap of more than a year. People were disappointed to see Apple using exactly the same chassis for the next iPhone instead of a brand new design.

People will be more disappointed to know that the new iPhone 4S doesn’t even mention that its a 4S (just like iPhone 3G or 3GS). It looks totally identical to the iPhone 4 from outside and there’s no way of telling apart an iPhone 4S from an iPhone 4 simply by comparing the back.

The only way to differentiate would be the side antenna rims.

Check out the side by side comparison of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 below:

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[via - MacRumors]

iPhone 4S Benchmarked – 2x faster than iPhone 4

Recent post on MacRumors shows that a video had surfaced yesterday about the iPhone 4S tested for its capability with a couple of benchmarks. This test includes the new feature “Siri” which was revealed at the launch of “Lets talk iPhone” event at Apple Town Hall in the company’s own campus in Cupertino, California.

It seems that, the people at AppVV got hold of the yet to be released iPhone 4S before its official launch (which is still three days away) and they benchmarked it to compare its performance with other phones. The video they uploaded also shows a setting in Siri – iPhone 4S’ voice recognition feature – called Raise to Speak .

For people who are not familiar with the term ‘Siri’ for them, Siri is a new feature of the iPhone 4S which is a software personal assistant.Which means, Simply by speaking a request in natural language, Siri will perform a task to the best of its ability.

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