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iPhone 4S

Winterboard Now Supports Your Jailbroken iOS 5 Device

So you have already updated your iDevice’s to iOS 5 update and done with jailbreaking the devices ? Well it’s now time for some cool things to try out on your iPad,iPod Touch or the iPhone.

If you are fond of changing themes on your iPhone or any other device,then you must be familiar with the Winterboard app,the app has just been updated to the latest version i.e Winterboard (0.9.3901)  and now with added support for iOS 5.

Here’s the changelog for the latest update :

  • 5.0: CSS Text Style Crash Bugs
  • 5.0: Cache Delete (Thanks iHaz3!)
  • 5.0: Clear SMS (Thanks Sakurina!)
  • 4+5: IconAlpha Fix (Thanks NickF!)
  • 4+5: Dock Names (Thanks Surenix!)
  • @2x: WB Icon (Thanks Surenix!)
  • @2x: Massive @2x Reimplement
  • 4.0: Remove SummerBoard Grey
  • Lower-Level Hooks (More Images)
  • Remove Outdated Demo Themes
  • Rare _UIImageWithName(nil) Bug


So if you are willing to try out some new themes for the iPhone or the iPad or the iPod Touch then checkout for the latest version on Cydia.


iPhone 4S’s 1080P Recording Comes as Close as Canon DSLR’s!

iPhone 4S is not just about Siri and it’s awesome fun but it’s richness in Multimedia department is also one of the much talked about features of the phone.It sports in a 8 Megapixel Rear Camera which supports 1080 P Video Recording.

We were yet to see some real world examples of the same comparing the video quality with some other devices.Well the wait is over,Robino Films just put up a comparison of the iPhone 4S Full HD video recording with the Canon DSLR Camera,the  EOS 5D MKII  to be specific on  Vimeo.

Here’s what they say about their experience comparing both the gadgets head to head,

Exposure, shutter speed, frame rate and picture style were matched as close as possible between the two cameras.

This test shows that the tiny F2.4 lens and sensor on the iPhone are pretty nice. It even got a little depth of field!


So the one of the touted features of the phone comes as close to a professional camera when we compare the video recording and it’s much more than just a video recorder to fit in a pocket of anyone and at a better price than the DSLR.

Checkout the Video in Action:

iPhone 4S / Canon 5d MKII Side by Side Comparison from Robino Films on Vimeo.

iPhone 4S Now Reservation Only At Retail Stores in US and Canada

iPhone 4S has got a humongous opening weekend, we already knew that it sold over a million units on the 24 hrs of preorders,if that wasn’t enough to tell the success story well hear this, as officially reported earlier Apple sold over 4 million iPhone 4S in 3 days of its launch to public.

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[How To] Create Custom Gestures in iOS 5

By this time most of us have now updated their iDevices with the latest update iOS 5 which was released last week along with the release of iPhone 4S.So its now time for some interesting tidbits for iOS 5 and try out some new features on your updated iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch.

I stumbled on to a great how to on creating custom gestures in iOS 5 courtesy Cult Of Mac which demonstrates this feature on the iPod Touch updated with the latest build.With this new feature mainly targeted for the accessibility on the system but  one can do many things on their  iDevice  with it.

As shown in the video the user can stretch his imagination for any kind of gesture to use on the device and record it and save it by a custom name and later on can use it in any application for custom use.For example,gestures like scroll which needs swiping the finger on the screen can be just done by tipping the screen if the scroll gesture is already have been recorded as a custom gesture.

We are getting some problems embedding the video ,for the time being checkout the Video after the break.

Unable to Handle Workload, Siri Goes Offline Temporarily

With the launch of iPhone 4S, Apple recorded all time high sales. Expectantly, many of the new iPhone owners were excited to us its new feature Siri and start a dialog with it.  Well it looks like this morning more than expected people communicated with Siri and overloaded it causing it to go offline.

As reported by  David W. Martin on cultofmac:

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Unlocked iPhone 4S now available for Purchase in US

Apple was supposed to be selling the Unlocked version of iPhone 4S in the US starting from November.

But now it seems that a select Apple Retail outlets are already beginning to sell the iPhone 4S Contract-Free!

Troughton-Smith was the one who bought the iPhone 4S contract free and verified that it works perfectly by testing it on T-Mobile’s network via an O2 SIM on roaming.

To Activate and Unlock the iPhone 4S the user simply has to connect it to iTunes following which he will get a confirmation from Apple that the iPhone has been activated and unlocked.

The contract-free prices for iPhone 4S are:

iPhone 4S 16Gb- $649

iPhone 4S 32Gb- $749

iPhone 4S 64Gb- $849

[via - 9to5Mac]

[How to] Update Twitter Status with Siri









The new & most coolest feature packed inside a iPhone 4S called Siri, is one of the most futuristic way that can be used to update your Twitter status.

To do this user just have to follow simple step :

1. Open Twitter.com via iPhone’s Safari Browser,

2. Once Twitter opens up, Log in and go into Setting. Go to the Mobile Tab and make sure that you have associated your Mobile number with the service.

3. Note down the number Twitter gives you. You’re gonna need this.

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iPhone 4S Carriers Go Head-to-Head : AT&T vs Sprint vs Verizon

Are you still confused on buying your iPhone 4S on which  carrier? Well, we can help you with that.AT&T has been the trusted one from the early days of iPhone.However,with the emergence of Verizon and now Sprint, AT&T has been challenged by these contenders for its ‘numero uno‘ spot and is all but ready to take the competition to its competitors and this time the playing field is far more level than it’s ever been.

Now we have three different iPhone 4S running on different carriers.

As you can see for yourself, Sprint is by a mile the slowest of the three networks, with AT&T and Verizon having more or less same speed with respect to web browsing. Now if we talk of download speeds, then, AT&T is far ahead of the rest of the two here, as it has considerably higher download speed due to its improved antenna system.

So the results are there to be seen. Now its your turn to choose which one’s suitable for you. We hope we have helped you in making this decision.

[via - iDownloadBlog]