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iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S : AT&T vs Sprint vs Verizon Performance Comparison

iPhone 4S is available for multiple carriers worldwide,while in the United States the top 3 Carriers for the iPhone 4S are AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. So the question arises who’s the best amongst them?

Recently Metrico Wireless tested the iPhone 4S on the 3 top carriers to shed some light on which is the best when it comes to Data Rates and most importantly which one is a reliable one when it comes to call dropping issues.

According to their recent study in which they tested all the 3 networks for more than 21,000 web-page downloads, 8,000 download/upload tests and 6,000 voice calls on real and simulated networks.

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After Battery Trouble, iPhone 4S Runs Into Sound Quality Issues

Its been out-and-out chaos for Apple since the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 4S but the nightmare seems to continue for Apple.

Up until now the battery drain issues were giving headache to Apple now there is another issue that seems to have crept in. Some users are also complaining of a persistent and annoying echo. Since the release of the new iPhone, a large number of users have reported sound quality issues when using an Apple iPhone headset.

Owners have also said the problem occurs while using the speakerphone, and it seems to have persisted for many after last week’s iOS 5.0.1 update, according to discussion on the Apple forums.

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iPhone 4S Costliest in India, Starts at an Insane ₹44,500 ($866) for the 16Gig

It’s 18th November, what it was supposed to be the iPhone 4S pre orders day for potential Aircel India iPhone 4S buyers.

Though the site has still not listed any details for the pre orders of the phone or any pricing details for any version of the iPhone 4S, the price details have already been leaked courtesy the carrier stores in the country.



According to the staff at Airtel Gallery in Mumbai, the prices of the upcoming iPhone 4S are as follows:
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Unlock iPhone 4S Without Jailbreaking

iPhone 4S is now available in more than 30 countries worldwide and Apple is eying to launch the phone in 70 countries by the end of this year. In some countries its available as carrier branded phone with their special contract while in others its available factory unlocked so that users can use their choice of the carrier for their iPhone 4S.

Unlocking a carrier locked phone is not a cakewalk, sometimes it requires some modifications be it hardware related or software part, no matter what way you see it you need to jailbreak the phone,but how about an unlock method which allows you to unlock your carrier locked phone without any hardware or software modifications being made on your iPhone 4S?

Michael Capozzi apparently has found out a trick to unlock the AT&T branded iPhone 4S, here’s how it goes,

Step 1: First of all  insert your AT&T SIM into your iPhone 4S, if the SIM is not already into the Slot.

Step 2:  Make a drop-call to 611, after dropping the call, activate the Airplane mode.

Step 3: Now Remove your AT&T SIM and replace with the T-Mobile SIM.

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iOS 5.0.2 To Fully Resolve Battery Woes and iOS 5.1 To Make Siri Even Smarter

The release of next update scheduled next week from the Cupertino company will surely end the battery woes for the recently launched  iPhone 4S. This update comes as a relief for the users who will now enjoy the stated-in-manual 40 hours of standby and 10 hours’ usage. Previously this problem of battery was assured to be a software glitch but with many users complaining of similar problems with their iPhones  forced Apple to come out with the new iOS 5.0.2 update which will surely resolve the battery issue.

According to German blog Macerkopf (Mac Heads?), which focuses its attention – as you might expect – around the Cupertino company a guy from inside working in Apple’s iOS division has revealed to them that the battery issues have been completely resolved, allowing iPhone 4S users to enjoy the stated-in-manual 40 hours of standby and 10 hours’ usage. The post also claims the update will be released no later than next week, so those of you experiencing rapid battery depletion, it seems you’ve only a few days to wait.

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[Breaking] iPhone 4S 16GB Now Available in India for 41,900 INR With 1 Year Warranty

Airtel and Aircel might be gearing up for the mega launch of the iPhone 4S in India and as we all know Aircel preorders starts in couple of days, while the Aircel launch is slated for 25th November, if you don’t want to wait for that much then here’s a great offer for you.

Apparently Buytheprice is selling the iPhone 4S 16 GB version for 41,900INR with free shipping. So you could own the greatest and latest offering from Apple along with a 1 year warranty with free shipping.

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Updating To iOS 5.0.1 May Cause Some Abnormal Behavior On Your iPhone

Apple’s iOS 5.0.1 seems to have created a glitch with the Contacts app for certain users, according to various sources and several posts on the Apple Support Forums. Many of the iPhone users have had problems after updating to 5.0.1. The iPhone was no longer able to associate address book contacts with other apps. Opening the Contacts app would display all the right names. But using the iMessage texting app or even making a phone call would fail to remember the name of a contact and just display the person’s phone number.

Apparently, this issue has been experienced by a certain iPhone users,like users who have a Verizon iPhone 4S  and who updated to iOS 5.0.1 using the OTA (over-the-air) method rather than installing it through iTunes on your computer.


As stated on Redmondpie.com, You can resolve this issue by following the steps shown below:

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Siri Communication Protocol Cracked, Expect an Unofficial Release Soon!

There were a lot of rumors floating around about Siri being tested out on the older iDevices by Apple, but Apple soon denied any plans of bringing the Siri voice recognition based system on older iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches.

Though there were some attempts made to port the Siri System to older iPhones but all of them were having some restrictions, most important one being the way the system communicates with the Apple Servers, as officially only the iPhone 4S devices are allowed to use the protocol to communicate with the Apple servers to use the Siri Feature.

But now Applidium, well known for  bringing the open source VLC player on the App Store (which was eventually pulled due to some licensing issues) have reported that they have successfully cracked the Siri Protocol and were able to communicate with the Apple Servers using a computer, that is fooling the servers to get recognized as if the signals were originating from an  iPhone 4S.

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