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Seed is a Fresh New Email Client for iPhone


Email clients for iOS have been scarce so far with only Sparrow being a worthy alternative to the default mail app. But that’s about to change soon with several new email clients on the horizon including Mailbox and Evomail.

Seed is a new email client for iPhone. The first thing that you will notice is the clean interface and slick transitions. The top and bottom bars will slide away as soon as you begin scrolling through your email giving you the the much needed extra space and keeping you focused on just the emails.

The app support multiple email accounts via the IMAP protocol. That means you can use Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo and pretty much any IMAP compliant email service.

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Buy iPhone 5 16 Gb for only Rs.42,500 – Cheapest in India

The iPhone 5 is coming to India on November 2nd as reported a few days back. The 16 Gig model of the iPhone is priced at Rs. 45,500.

Indiatimes Shopping, a reputed Online shopping portal in India is offering the 16Gb model for just Rs. 42,500. This is by far the cheapest pricing in India till now.

You can avail the offer by Pre-Ordering from here :

Preorder the Black iPhone 5

Preorder the White iPhone 5 

And use Coupon Code: NAVRATRI


Looks like the coupon code no longer work and Indiatimes is selling the iPhone 5 without any discount. So if you ordered yours while the coupon was active, congrats! If not, then tough luck!

iPhone 5 Price in India and Launch Details

The iPhone 5 has been launched nearly a month ago in the United States. Apple has been slowly rolling out the iPhone in other countries.

While it was previously believed that the iPhone 5 would reach Indian shores only in early December, multiple sources have now confirmed that the iPhone 5 will, in fact, launch in India on November 2nd.

The Indian pricing for the new iPhone 5 is as follows:
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Best Screen Protector for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has been selling like hot cakes and since the new iPhone has a radical change in its size along with a brand new data port, the need for completely new accessories is evident.

Accessory makes from all around the world had already started manufacturing months before the actual iPhone 5 launch. So a lot of accessories are ready for shipping!

Screen Guards/Scratch Guards are some of the must have accessory for any iPhone owner.

A lot of people might not know that apart from scratch protection, the most biggest advantage of a screen guard is that it makes the screen highly resistant to getting shattered in case of a fall.

The iPhone 5 has a bigger screen and having a screen protector makes sense. There are literally 100s of brands out there selling screen protectors, some very famous like Zagg or the SGP GLAS.t.

What I’d personally recommend is instead of spending $25+ on these hyped-up screen protectors,  buy cheap screen guards which usually come in a pack of 3/6/9 for as low as $2 and do a darn good job!

Check out some of these links for buying a screen protector:

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Apple Posts New iPhone 5 Ads

The iPhone 5 was finally launched yesterday which broke all sales records (as usual)! To keep the sales going even higher, Apple has not posted 4 new iPhone 5 Ads!

Have a look at the ads below:

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First Possibly *Real* iPhone 5 Video – Shows It Booting up

With just a week to go for the iPhone 5 launch and among the numerous iPhone 5 leaks comes a new video today.

What’s different in this video is that, this is the first video which shows the iPhone 5 booting up, only to show an error as follow:

This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program. If you are a member of the program, please register your device in the @@url@@.

This leak looks legit also cause of the fact that the Apple logo and the model numbers at the back have been taped out possibly because this unit must be stolen/leaked from a Foxconn factory itself.

As seen from the video, the new iPhone does indeed seem to have a Nano-SIM card slot.

Check out the video after the break:

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A Taiwanese Popstar Accidentally Leaks the iPhone 5 [Rumor]

Adding to the on-going overdose of iPhone leaks, a new image has been leaked by a very well known Taiwanese-born Popstar “Jimmy Lin” who seems to be highly popular in China.

Jimmy seems to have leaked the image on his Weibo account. (Weibo is just like Twitter and Facebook combined, but widely used in China)

He said “It has been confirmed today that the iPhone 5 will indeed become longer” and that “It uses the same iPad aluminium alloy and a 4-inch screen, which has become thinner so it feels almost the same in hand” and then posted the following image:

From the looks of it, the image does seem real enough!

With just about 10 days to go for the iPhone 5 event, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out! Keep following us for more news on iPhone 5 leaks!

Birthdays for iPhone – The Most Beautiful and Simplest Birthday Reminder App for iPhone [Giveaway]

The Apple AppStore is now probably the most extensive application repository with apps for almost anything!

I’ve personally been looking around for an app to remind me of my friends birthdays, there were tons of alternatives but none which provided me with just the right blend of features I was looking for.

1. Facebook friends birthday fetching: Since almost all of my friends are on Facebook, fetching data from Facebook was what I was looking for.

2. Adding Entries to the iPhone’s Calendar: This was important to me since I want reminders set not just on my iPhone, but also to every device (including Android) and Google calendar syncing was one of the most required feature.

3. Locally set Notifications: Another obvious feature was that I should be reminded of my friends birthdays automatically without me needing to do anything!

4. Wishing on Facebook: Posting on the birthday boy/girl’s wall was also something I wanted to be able to do.

5. A Beaufitul interface!: This one was of the most importance to me. The app HAD to be have a beautiful UX.

Being an iPhone developer myself, I thought that this would be a good (personal) first app and something which would be useful to others as well.

Birthdays for iPhone is now available on the AppStore. I strongly suggest you go buy it simply cause I couldn’t find any other birthday reminder app that had just the perfect blend of the above 5 core features!

Birthdays for iPhone – App Store Link



Specially for the readers of this blog, I’m giving out 7 free copies.

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Check out some of the screenshots after the break:

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