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Official Facebook for iPad App Released

Good news for all the iPad users in the town,the wait is over.Yesterday Facebook app for iPad was officially released,courtesy the universal binary,the app now supports all the iOS based devices,that is iPhone,iPod touch and iPad.

Some of the Features for Facebook for iPad

  •  Enjoy bigger, better photos: Your photos are high-res and easy to flip through, like a real photo album
  •  Navigate anywhere, fast: Just tap, slide or pinch to move from one screen to another
  •  Play games on the go: Access your favorite Facebook apps and games, wherever you are
  •  Focus on what matters: Zoom in on your friends’ photos, updates and stories
  •  Never lose your place: Share a photo, update your status or send a message without leaving News Feed
  •  See who’s nearby: Check out the Nearby map to see what your friends are up to

So get ready to get the high resolution experience of the Facebook on your iPad with power packed features like pinch gestures and the games and the Facebook messages and chats  and a highly optimized UI for the iPad.

Check out the ScreenShots and Download Link after the break.

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“Alien Dalvik” to make Android apps to run on iPad

Soon all iPad users are going to use Android apps directly on their iPads  & this is going to be possible with the help of the third party tool named as Alien Dalvik. This tool works by packaging each Android application into it’s virtual machine that runs atop iOS, which will give appearance of app running natively on iPad.  This technology offers some great performance to end user .

Developers of this tool Myraid Group announced last week that Alien Dalvik 2.0 will support Android apps on tablets, eBooks , TV’s.

“From a user perspective, Alien Dalvik 2.0 is completely transparent and installed without user disruption,” Myriad Group said in a statement. “Users simply enjoy the same rich Android ecosystem they have become accustomed to via mobile on other key screens, such as playing Angry Birds on HDTV.”

Developing such a software will beneficial to both users & developers. Due to development of  Alien Dalvik mobile apps developer now will be able to develop once and use many times kind of apps which can be run on variety of platforms with no modifications required.

Check out the Video in action after the break!

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Download iOS 5 Beta 5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV [Direct Links]

Apple TV 2 Beta 4    AppleTV2,1_4.4_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 396.85 MB

iPad 2 (CDMA) iOS 5 Beta 5    iPad2,3_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 735.35 MB

iPad 2 (GSM) iOS 5 Beta 5    iPad2,2_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 739.42 MB

iPad 2 (WiFi) iOS 5 Beta 5    iPad2,1_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 721.43 MB

iPad iOS 5 Beta 5    iPad1,1_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 723.91 MB

iPhone 4 (CDMA) iOS 5 Beta 5    iPhone3,3_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 794.65 MB

iPhone 4 (GSM) iOS 5 Beta 5    iPhone3,1_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw  786.61 MB

iPhone 3G[S] iOS 5 Beta 5    iPhone2,1_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 668.31 MB

iPod Touch 4 iOS 5 Beta 5    iPod4,1_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 774.09 MB

iPod Touch 3 iOS 5 Beta 5    iPod3,1_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 637.12 MB



iOS 5 final release will probably be launched along with the launch of the iPhone 5. Once its launched be sure that I’ll provide you with direct links of iOS 5 Final as and when they become available along with all the information on how to unlock iPhone 5!


iOS 5 : Initial Setup and Whats New

Apple yesterday announced the next update to its iOS, the iOS 5.

iOS 5 comes with over 200 new features. Some of these features are  described by Apple here : http://www.apple.com/ios/ios5/features.html

I just installed the Developer Beta of iOS 5 on my iPad.

One of the most prominent feature of iOS 5 is that it gets rid of cables completely. It offers a totally Wireless solution to manage your Media and Device.

No longer will you see the dreaded Connect to iTunes Logo at start with a picture showing an Apple USB Cable to connect to iTunes.

iOS 5 comes with a totally revamped Setup interface, which allows you to setup everything right from the phone without needing any Mac/PC.

Check out the various Setup steps and Changes below  :

Signin with Apple ID

Choose to Sync to iCloud or not

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Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad 4.3.1 using Redsnow – Untethered [Guide]

The iPhone Dev Team has just released the tools to a Untethered Jailbreak for the latest iOS v4.3.1.

The device support list is as follows:

  • iPhone3GS
  • iPhone4 (GSM)
  • iPod touch 3G
  • iPod touch 4G
  • iPad1
  • AppleTV 2G (PwnageTool only for now)

The iPad 2 is not supported cause it uses a newer bootrom version that still needs to be patched.

Both pwnagetool and redsnow can be used to perform this jailbreak. I’d suggest you go with Redsnow as its more easier to use and simpler.

Download RedSn0w 0.9.6rc9 :

Redsnow for Windows : Click Here

Redsnow for Mac : Click Here

PwnageTool_4.3.dmg : PwnageTool_4.3.dmg.6293151.TPB.torrent


The reason I highly recommend Redsnow is cause you don’t need to wipe any data i.e. you can simply click the Update button to get to 4.3.1 and retain all your Songs, Music, Apps and everything without the need for a complete re-sync as in PwnageTool.

Update to 4.3.1 using the Update button via iTunes. (iPhone 4 AtnT Locked users should NOT try this. Read the note at the end of the page for more info.)

Follow these Steps to Jailbreak your iDevice running 4.3.1 using RedSnow:

1.Open Redsnow

2. Click on Browse and select the IPSW firmware file for 4.3.1.

For Mac the Location is : Your Name > Library > iTunes > iPad Software Updates

For Windows the location is : C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

3. Once the IPSW is successfully identified, click on Next. Now you will get the following screen to prepare you to boot into DFU Mode inorder to load the exploit.

4. Click Next and you will get the steps to enter DFU Mode. If you’re still finding it difficult to enter DFU mode, follow this nice video tutorial which explains the procedure nicely.

5. Once you correctly enter DFU, you will see the following screen :

6. Your device will go start the Jailbreak Process. Wait for it to be finished and you will have an Untethered Device with 4.3.1.


Note for Factory Locked iPhone 4 Users:

For those using an iPhone unlocked with ultrasn0w do not update to 4.3.1 using the official method. If you already have, then tough luck. The iPhone 4 baseband is very difficult to hack and would take a while to get patched.

For others with iPhone 4 on older firmware and unlocked with ultrasn0w, please stay where you are until ultrasn0w is updated for 4.3.1. Once ultrasn0w is updated to support 4.3.1 you will have to use pwnagetool to create a custom IPSW and then update. Updated ultrasnow is said to be released today on Cydia.
Another sureshot way to make sure your carrier locked devices stay unlocked even after an upgrade of iOS versions you can purchase SIM Unlock tools. Some of these tools even provide iPhone 5 SIM unlocking!


[via - iPhoneDevTeam Blog]

Download iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch 4.2 Firmware [Direct Links]

The latest update for iOS – 4.2.1 just went live. You can update your iPhone/iPad/iPod via downloading the update from iTunes or from the direct links below :

Keep in mind that you will lose all jailbroken apps and unlock. If you have a Jailbroken device I strongly suggest you wait until a proper untethered jailbreak has been released for iOS 4.2.1.

Cydia on iOS 4.2 for the iPad to get new interface

The iOS 4.2 Gold Master release for iPad is already widely available everywhere. This GM release is almost the Final piece of code everytime, that means the Public release version will be almost same as the GM release with no modification to the code at all.

But unfortunately, the current version of Cydia does not work under 4.2 on the iPad.

According to Musclenerd, a brand new Cydia with a revamped interface is about to get released along side the iPad 4.2 Jailbreak.

It will have Landscape support this time and a look that feels similar to Apples Official App Store.

Have a look at the Sneak Peek below :

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iPad Jailbreak sooner than expected

iPad has just been launched a couple of days back and news of it being jailbreaked are already spreading fast!

A well known iPhone Hacker ‘MuscleNerd‘ found the exploit and implemented it within 24rs of iPads launch! An exploit being found so soon means that an automated Jailbreak solution will be out very soon.

Most of us are familiar with the process of Jailbreaking and the things it offers. Custom Themes, Widgets and many other 3rd Party applications which are denied from the App Store. iPad will offer much more in terms of customizations after jailbreaking than whats possible on the iPhone due to its screen size.

A lot of real estate is been wasted and it will be very exciting on how the Homebrew community  makes use of that.

The exploit seems to be Browser driven and grants you Root access and ability to run unsigned applications.

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