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Mint To Release it’s iPad App Very Soon

In the race to release app for iPad, the four giants – Facebook, Google Docs, Mint and LinkedIn were in the running. Out of these Facebook was the quickest to release it’s very own app for iPad. Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Mint has decided to release its very own app for iPad.

For all those who don’t know what Mint is, Mint is by far the BEST finance managing service available! If you haven’t used it yet, there no better time than now to start!

In a tweet posted October 11th, Mint mobile designer Jaanus Kase said “the Mint iPad app is nearly done and will be out very shortly.” He also stated on Mint’s satisfaction forums that the next Mint app will be universal (both for iPhone and iPad) and that it will require iOS 5, which is one of the reasons the company could not release it until now.

People with iPhone 3G units, the new Mint app will not work since the maximum iOS on that device is 4.2.1. However, Kase states that Mint will continue to support its current iOS app for those running iOS 4.

Now, LinkedIn and Google Docs must get your acts together, “ball is in your court!!”

[How To] Create Custom Gestures in iOS 5

By this time most of us have now updated their iDevices with the latest update iOS 5 which was released last week along with the release of iPhone 4S.So its now time for some interesting tidbits for iOS 5 and try out some new features on your updated iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch.

I stumbled on to a great how to on creating custom gestures in iOS 5 courtesy Cult Of Mac which demonstrates this feature on the iPod Touch updated with the latest build.With this new feature mainly targeted for the accessibility on the system but  one can do many things on their  iDevice  with it.

As shown in the video the user can stretch his imagination for any kind of gesture to use on the device and record it and save it by a custom name and later on can use it in any application for custom use.For example,gestures like scroll which needs swiping the finger on the screen can be just done by tipping the screen if the scroll gesture is already have been recorded as a custom gesture.

We are getting some problems embedding the video ,for the time being checkout the Video after the break.

Apple Eyeing on Bringing Movie Streaming to iCloud Services

Apple Released the iCloud Services for public yesterday along with the release of the iOS 5 update and Mac OSX Lion 10.7 update yesterday for the users to share music, videos, books, application data and backups, from your Mac and iOS devices in Apple’s cloud with 5GB free storage space and premium upgrade options for more storage space.

You get the cloud storage with lots of storage space and multiple devices connectivity options and other media options,but apple thinking about expanding the services to add some spice to it.According to Los  Angeles Times apple is thinking about going Hollywood with the services and bringing Movies to the iCloud Services.

If the sources are to be believed,they are already in the talks with major hollywood studios to finalize a deal which would eventually allow the consumers of the iCloud service to buy the Movies  via iTunes and access them on any Apple device.The services are expected to begin in the last month of this year or the first quarter of 2012.

This is rather an interesting service concept since having stored digital films in the cloud, instead of allowing the  buyers to manage the digital copy of it  themselves on a computer or other device, will definitely help the users so that they can make it accessible easily anytime anywhere.

iOS 5 Officially Releases for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Yesterday was a big day for Apple, Apple has successfully launced the 5th version of the most awaited iOS in market, yes that’s right, iOS 5 is in now market & now millions of iPhone, iPads, iPod Touch are waiting to get upgraded to iOS 5.

In the fifth version of this iOS Apple has done some  major changes in software that run on all iDevices. There is iMessage, which is new messaging service that Apple believes is on a par with the likes of BlackBerry Messenger. iMessage also offers a instant messaging for free across all iOS devices which are running on iOS 5.

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Find My Friend App is Now Available for iOS5 Users

As announced earlier by Apple,  Apple has just release Find My Friend app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch running on iOS5.

By using Find My Friend app iOS 5 user will be able to locate their friends & families easily from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. To this handy  app a user just need to install this free app on your iOS 5 device & sign in with Apple ID to use it with iCloud.

The functioning of this app is pretty cool, Adding a friend just need to send a request to see their location & once that friend accept your request the you can see his location on list or on the map. Users can also choose to share their location for limited period of time with a group of friend.

Use Find My Friends to keep track of your travelling companions when you’re on vacation. or to see if the kinds are home from school or to find the friends you’re meeting for dinner. At the end of the day user will get a cool app on their iOS5.


• Easily locate friends and family
• Temporary sharing option
• Simple privacy controls
• Parental restrictions
• Free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Apple rumored switching iPad 2 orders over battery leaks

According to Digitimes, Apple had moved some of its orders from Simplo to Dynapack at the end of September when Simplo’s Eastern China plant produced some leak prone lithium-polymer packs. Apple’s use of safer lithium-polymer batteries kept them from fires, but these are also have problems regarding charging which were enough to require better one.

Normally, Simplo would supply about 60 percent of iPad 2 batteries with Dynapack providing rest, but that ratio has now shifted towards Dynapack.

This issue is not officially confirmed by Apple because both Dynapack & Simplo are widely known as Apple’s battery suppliers. Simplo handles the batteries for the MacBook Air & Macbook Pro. Companies like Apple are known to change orders for other components to keep supply up, such as a well known diversification away from LG for iPad 2 displays until it resolved display issues.

A successful swap can minimize any disruption in Apple’s manufacturing. Although it still comes just as Apple is likely seeing a peak in shipments as it goes into the holidays. As such, it might be more sensitive to unplanned switches.

So if your iPad 2 order gets delayed for some reason, now you’ll know why!

AirPort Utility For iOS 5 to manage AirPort for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

iOS provides a lot of settings for the users to manage the way iDevices work and interact with the environment. However it always focued on providing an easy and intuitive way to manage things.

One of these settings is managing Wifi. The way iOS handled it till now was via a very simple mechanism providing very little advanced network configuration settings.

But now with iOS 5, Apple is providing users with its famous AirPort like utility which is currently the de-facto Wireless Manager in OS X.

Users will be able to use a small app named as AirPort Utility to manage networks. User can download apps from App Store.

AirPort Express is a ‘lite’ version of Apple’s main AirPort Extreme router , which is device just cost for hundred bucks will boast Ethernet, USB & audio jack built in, which provide a cost effective way of streaming music across a network & sharing printers in one small device. This device implementation is of 802.11n support.















As well as the somewhat entry-level Express model, the Cupertino-based company also retails a more feature-rich hub, known as the AirPort Extreme. Looking considerably more like a traditional router, it sells for the significantly higher price of $179. AirPort Express is designed for those individuals, or small groups of users in a relatively confined area, the Extreme is aimed at the business types seeking a larger wireless field. The Time Capsule, which Apple introduced back in January 2008, is essentially AirPort Extreme with a large hard drive inside useful for storing Time Machine backups.

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iPad Internet usage Passes iPhone, overall 97% in terms of All Tablets

iPad has been the most successful tablet in the history with both the versions that is iPad and iPad 2 setting a record for sales.With the Launch of iPhone4S the stage is set on fire for yet another hit from Apple.This record breaking sales of the devices converts into a huge market share in terms of the data usage.

As we take a look at the recent research from comScore with the  study of digital media consumption in the United States,revealed that iPad still dominates the Tablet world so much so that it has also surpassed the internet usage of it’s very own baby brother iPhone in the Internet Traffic.According to comScore research ,iPad accounted for as much as 97.2% of U.S. Internet traffic, as measured by browser-basd page views, from tablet devices for the period of June to August 2011.

If we have a look at the overall O.S platform marketshare, iOS still leads with  58.5% of  Traffic, the close second is Android with a huge difference at 31.9% almost half of that of the iOS based devices.With new upcoming faster versions of devices into the 4G LTE era will further boost this category of internet traffic with tablets and smartphones taking over the age old desktops.