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[How to] Make iTunes Match Recognize Older Music Tracks

For all the iTunes Match users who have spent around 25 bucks and waited pretty long time for your music library to get in tune with the iCloud, may have noticed those mysterious cloud status icons scattered through your tracks. Apple’s tech note summarizes the icons.

Most of you might have observed that many of your older tracks are shown ineligible. Now the root of the problem being most of those old files being saved with variable bit rate (VBR) which meant that those files were saved keeping in mind the storage requirements of the device and now seem to be ineligible.

This is where one of the most helpful features of iTunes Match comes into the picture, as to how it ‘normalizes’ any tracks that exist in the iTunes store catalog up to 256 kbps AAC files, the same quality as iTunes Plus music that you buy from the store.

This conversion can be done in the following manner:

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[How to] Send Messages To iPhone, iPad or Mac From iCloud

With the launch of iCloud and the “Find My iPhone” feature, you can now send messages to your Apple device. The messages appear in the form of a pop-up window in Mac OS X and a notification in iOS 5. You can also choose to play a pinging sound with the notification, it will repeatedly play at full volume until someone acknowledges the notification, assuring that it won’t be ignored.

You’ll need to have iCloud enabled and have iOS 5 or its new updates on the iPad or iPhone, and OS X 10.7.2 or newer updates on the Mac, and all hardware must be sharing the same iCloud ID.

How To Send a Message to Your Apple Device from iCloud:

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[How to] Delete Photos from Photo Stream

PhotoStream is a major part of the iCloud suit by Apple. PhotoStream provides a very simple functionality which is to sync whatever photos you take on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and simply keep them in sync with every iOS Device, Mac or a PC.

However, Photo Stream comes with some serious limitations.

The 1st being only the last 1000 pictures will be stored on your iCloud account. This limitation is sort of ok, considering the sheer amount of people going to use Apple’s  services plus the fact that all the previous picture will be stored locally on your device or computer.


The 2nd and the most annoying is that you just cannot delete individual pictures from PhotoStream.

This is will annoy a lot people. I personally hate the fact that I’m not able to delete that embarrassing picture I took. This is a serious privacy issue which I honestly hope Apple will fix asap.


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[How to] Sync iMessages Across All iDevices

We have already discussed how to Set up iMessage, in our previous post. Now the next thing that can be done is, if you happen to use multiple iOS devices then you will surely want to sync your conversations across them all. This is supposed to happen automatically as long as the iMessage account on each iOS device is set to the same Apple ID, but it doesn’t always do so. If your iMessages aren’t syncing, then here’s how you can do this in a jiffy and also reliably sync across all your devices.

Sync iMessages

Follow these steps on your iOS device:
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iCloud Issue : Data clearing problem in iOS 5

Here is an interesting peice of tidbit related to iCloud, Marco Arment , the creators of a popular app called Instapaper have noticed some problems related to changes which were made in iOS 5 to integrate it with iCloud backups.

Last week some users facing problems in accessing backups which were previously stored in apps. According to reports a user was up to catch a flight so he stocked his iPad for a long flight, sync bunch of movies & podcasts, downloaded few magazines, so there was very little free space.

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[How To] Create a Location Based Reminder in iOS 5

Welcome to iOS 5, as you all know that iOS 5 was launched on Wednesday this week. This fifth version of iOS brings up some super cool apps with itself. So here is the brand new app from iOS 5 called as Location Based Reminders, which is built in iOS 5. Using iOS 5′s geo-fencing APIs, both the iPad and iPhone apps will now alert you to a reminder when you are in the appropriate area. To use this app users first need to Enable & Sync iCloud with iCloud Reminders.

The configuration of this app is pretty simple just need a few steps as follows.

1. Go to app & open it, to add new reminder just click on the + sign which locates at the top right corner of app.

2. By default Reminder app has no reminder time added to it, to change this you need to create a new reminder.

3. Under  that reminder name you have to type a appropriate name for a new created reminder. Remind me is been used.

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Apple Eyeing on Bringing Movie Streaming to iCloud Services

Apple Released the iCloud Services for public yesterday along with the release of the iOS 5 update and Mac OSX Lion 10.7 update yesterday for the users to share music, videos, books, application data and backups, from your Mac and iOS devices in Apple’s cloud with 5GB free storage space and premium upgrade options for more storage space.

You get the cloud storage with lots of storage space and multiple devices connectivity options and other media options,but apple thinking about expanding the services to add some spice to it.According to Los  Angeles Times apple is thinking about going Hollywood with the services and bringing Movies to the iCloud Services.

If the sources are to be believed,they are already in the talks with major hollywood studios to finalize a deal which would eventually allow the consumers of the iCloud service to buy the Movies  via iTunes and access them on any Apple device.The services are expected to begin in the last month of this year or the first quarter of 2012.

This is rather an interesting service concept since having stored digital films in the cloud, instead of allowing the  buyers to manage the digital copy of it  themselves on a computer or other device, will definitely help the users so that they can make it accessible easily anytime anywhere.

Download OS X Lion 10.7.2 Update with iCloud Support

Apple finally released an updated version of OS X Lion 10.7.2 to its users. The latest update comes with support for iCloud along with stability and performance enhancements.

The first Beta build of OS X Lion 10.7.2 was distributed only three days after its official Mac App Store-only launch. Since then, there have been a number of builds, each of which packed a more complete build of iCloud for OS X along with Safari 5.1.1 and iPhoto 9.2.

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