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iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy Nexus

The very first of its kind, Ice Cream Sandwich handset, the Galaxy Nexus, was unleashed this week in UK and AnandTech has benchmarked Galaxy Nexus vs. the iPhone 4S.  The Galaxy Nexus processor/GPU isn’t what was expected of it but, the new package inside packs a punch beating iOS marginally in browser spped test as shown below. However, Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad 2 breeze pass the Galaxy Nexus in GPU loading — which is limited by its slower SGX 540, which is very crucial for gaming purposes.The iPhone 4S makes use of the A5 processor, which makes use of the dual-core SGX 543MP2 GPU from Imagination Technologies.

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[How to] Run Windows Applications on Mac using WinOnX

Mac OS X has thousands of apps available but as we all know being the leader in worldwide PC market share, Windows has the largest application base as compared to Mac OS X and not all the apps which run on Windows platform run seamlessly on OSX.

So till now we either used Bootcamp for Windows or try other types of virtualization software like Parallels or VMWare to run Windows based application on Mac OS X.

Not anymore! Nirmal Balachandran a fellow MVP recently reported about a great software which allows us to run Windows applications on Mac OSX. WinOnX App allows us to use Windows based apps on our Mac OSX environment, it is based on the popular Wine open source project which is well known for running Windows apps on open source operating systems like Linux.

This is what you need to do for running a Windows  application using WinOnX:

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iPhone 4S : AT&T vs Sprint vs Verizon Performance Comparison

iPhone 4S is available for multiple carriers worldwide,while in the United States the top 3 Carriers for the iPhone 4S are AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. So the question arises who’s the best amongst them?

Recently Metrico Wireless tested the iPhone 4S on the 3 top carriers to shed some light on which is the best when it comes to Data Rates and most importantly which one is a reliable one when it comes to call dropping issues.

According to their recent study in which they tested all the 3 networks for more than 21,000 web-page downloads, 8,000 download/upload tests and 6,000 voice calls on real and simulated networks.

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[How to] Send Messages To iPhone, iPad or Mac From iCloud

With the launch of iCloud and the “Find My iPhone” feature, you can now send messages to your Apple device. The messages appear in the form of a pop-up window in Mac OS X and a notification in iOS 5. You can also choose to play a pinging sound with the notification, it will repeatedly play at full volume until someone acknowledges the notification, assuring that it won’t be ignored.

You’ll need to have iCloud enabled and have iOS 5 or its new updates on the iPad or iPhone, and OS X 10.7.2 or newer updates on the Mac, and all hardware must be sharing the same iCloud ID.

How To Send a Message to Your Apple Device from iCloud:

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[How to] Clear and Free Up Inactive Memory/RAM in Mac OS X

I absolutely love Mac OS X! And there’s just this 1 thing I really hate about OS X which is the way it manages memory.

Mac OS X has this concept called Inactive Memory wherein the OS stores all frequently used applications on RAM for faster access and less Disk I/O’s. I’ve read numerious articles explaining how this is actually a good feature but I’m not sold on that.

This “Inactive Memory” is supposed to get freed up when you are low on “Free Memory”; however that almost never seems to happen for me and a lot of users out there. The Inactive Memory never seems to get free even when “Free Memory” is around 10Mb and other apps are in dire need of memory!

Take this example, I’ve 8 Gb RAM on my Core i5 iMac. And I use Parallels quite often to run Windows 7 side by side. I’m almost always left with just about 20-30Mb of Free RAM. After that I open up a couple of high resource apps like iPhoto or Photoshop and the Free Memory never increases, causing the apps to take as long as a minute each to load!


There’s an easy solution to this. Simply follow the 2 Steps below:

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[How to] Find and Check Warranty of all Apple Devices Registered under your Apple ID

Apple has a very huge fan base. This fan base mostly consists of people who own multiple Apple devices.

Being one of them I know that it becomes pretty cumbersome to manage registration information and warranty status on all of my Apple devices.

Very few people know that Apple provides a simple to use service which allows us to find and check all the Apple Products we’ve ever owned along with their respective warranty information and registration status.

Have a look at the screenshot below on how it looks:

For all your Apple products to appear on that page,  they need to be registered using the same Apple ID.

Go ahead have a look at all the Apple devices you’ve owned by checking out the link below:


[How to] Install OS X Lion from USB Pen Drive or DVD (Clean Install)

OS X Lion was released today via the Official Mac App Store. Apple has limited the ways to get Lion on your Mac to only the Mac App Store. There is no Official method as of now from Apple that lets you perform a Clean Install of Lion on your Mac.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t perform a clean install of Lion.


1. Mac OS X Snow Leopard with Mac App Store installed.

Link to purchase OS X Lion from App Store ($29.99)

2. A USB Drive with minimum 8Gb capacity.

Alternate Requirement: 4.7Gb DVD (Procedure of getting the Lion setup onto a Blank DVD is same as below, simply skip the 3rd Step)


Follow the steps below to Install OS X Lion from a USB Pen Drive:


1. Download Lion from the Mac App Store. You will get the setup in your Applications folder. Go to your Applications folder, Right Click on “Install Mac OS X Lion” and select Show Package Contents.

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iPhone App to Start your Car

iPhone SmartStart

There’s really no limit to what developers can come up with these days for the iPhone. Just when you though that there’s an App for every possible category and task, comes this App which doesn’t fail to amaze you!

Viper SmartStart from Directed Electronics is an iPhone-compatible remote starter capable of warming up or cooling down a car.

SmartStart can be used to remotely lock or unlock the doors, pop the trunk or even sound the car alarm !

“Our customers have consistently told us that the two most important features in a remote starter are range and user interface,” Directed Electronics president Kevin Duffy said in a statement. “We developed the Viper SmartStart in response. Range is virtually unlimited, and iPhone owners can use the elegant touch-screen interface they already carry in their pocket.” Continue Reading…