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Download Firefox 6 for Mac, Windows and Linux

Firefox 6 is now available via Mozilla’s FTP servers. The official release is still a few days away.

Download Firefox 6 right now for your Mac, Windows and Linux :

Download for Mac

Download for Windows

Download for Linux

Download iOS 5 Beta 5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV [Direct Links]

Apple TV 2 Beta 4    AppleTV2,1_4.4_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 396.85 MB

iPad 2 (CDMA) iOS 5 Beta 5    iPad2,3_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 735.35 MB

iPad 2 (GSM) iOS 5 Beta 5    iPad2,2_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 739.42 MB

iPad 2 (WiFi) iOS 5 Beta 5    iPad2,1_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 721.43 MB

iPad iOS 5 Beta 5    iPad1,1_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 723.91 MB

iPhone 4 (CDMA) iOS 5 Beta 5    iPhone3,3_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 794.65 MB

iPhone 4 (GSM) iOS 5 Beta 5    iPhone3,1_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw  786.61 MB

iPhone 3G[S] iOS 5 Beta 5    iPhone2,1_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 668.31 MB

iPod Touch 4 iOS 5 Beta 5    iPod4,1_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 774.09 MB

iPod Touch 3 iOS 5 Beta 5    iPod3,1_5.0_9A5288d_Restore.ipsw 637.12 MB



iOS 5 final release will probably be launched along with the launch of the iPhone 5. Once its launched be sure that I’ll provide you with direct links of iOS 5 Final as and when they become available along with all the information on how to unlock iPhone 5!


Download Google Chrome “Canary” build for Lion w/ Fullscreen support

A new update to Google Chrome was just released. This new update comes with support for Mac OS X Lion’s Full Screen support.

The early canary build comes with Native support for OS X Lion. Although this is not the final release you can download it and try it out via the following links :

Check back this post later for a short review on Chrome for Lion.

Create a Bootable Lion Install DVD easily

Mac OS X Lion was launched about a fortnight ago. It became the most downloaded OS ever on the 1st day of its release clocking a million downloads.

I had posted before on how you can Install Lion from USB or DVD. Now there’s a simple software based on Apple Actionscript that allows you to do that very easily.

Here’s the official program description:

What is Lion Disk Maker ?
Lion Disk Maker is a small application programmed with AppleScript that you can use with Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 to burn a DVD or build a bootable USB key from Mac OS X Lion’s Installation programm.

As soon as you launch the application, it checks the presence of Mac OS X Lion Install in the /Applications folder, or tries to find one using Spotlight. Then, it proposes to build a DVD or create a USB bootable install disk.

To burn the DVD, you’ll need a SuperDrive and a writable DVD (single layer, 4,7 GB). To build a bootable disk, you’ll need a 4GB (minimum) USB or Firewire drive or an SD-Card. WARNING ! The whole content of the drive (including every other volume from this drive) will be erased ! Please backup any data on another disk if necessary.


Download Lion Disk Maker (380Kb)


Download iOS 4.3.5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [Direct Links]


Apple just released another update to its iOS. The latest iteration is versioned iOS 4.3.5 and is said to resolve some security issues. No new features have been reported yet.

The update is now available via iTunes.

Connect your Device to iTunes to update. (Jailbreakers stay away from this update for now)

Direct links to download iOS 4.3.5 :

Download iOS 5 Beta 4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [Direct Link]

The newest build of iOS 5 Beta was released yesterday. What’s special about this is that apart from being available from the Dev Center, this is the first ever Over-The-Air (OTA) update.

So if you have iOS 5 Beta 3 installed on a Developer activated device then you can simply go in the Software update tab and update from right within your iDevice.

If you don’t have iOS 5 Beta 3 yet, you can directly install Beta 4 using the following links:


iPad iOS 5 Beta 4 iPad1,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 710.67 MB

iPhone 4 (GSM) iOS 5 Beta 4 iPhone3,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 785.29 MB

iPhone 3GS iOS 5 Beta 4 iPhone2,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 666.74 MB

iPod Touch 4 iOS 5 Beta 4 iPod4,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 772.73 MB

iPod Touch 3 iOS 5 Beta 4 iPod3,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 636.03 MB

iPad 2 (WiFi) iOS 5 Beta 4 iPad2,1_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 716.84 MB

iPad 2 (GSM-3G) iOS 5 Beta 4 iPad2,2_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 725.26 MB [Torrent]

iPad 2 (CDMA) iOS 5 Beta 4 iPad2,3_5.0_9A5274d_Restore.ipsw 730.59 MB [Torrent]


[Links via iMZDl]

Update: iOS 5 Beta 5 has now been released. Click here to Download iOS 5 Beta 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Download iOS 5 Beta 2 – Direct Links for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Apple just released an update to its BETA Dev release of iOS 5. The iOS Beta 2 is now available for download for all registered Apple developers.

The new release features the much needed Wifi Sync feature.

Below are the Direct Download Links to Download iOS 5 Beta 2. Note that your device will be needed to registered in the Apple Developer portal inorder to be able to update to it.

You will need to download iTunes 10.5 Beta 2 inorder to install iOS 5 Beta 2.


iTunes 10.5 Beta 2 Mac: |

iTunes for Windows 64-bit:


iPad 2 GSM:,2_5.0_9A5248d_Restore.ipsw |

iPad 2 CDMA: |,3_5.0_9A5248d_Restore.ipsw

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Download Firefox 5 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

Mozilla just made the final build of Firefox 5 available for download 2 days before its official release. The improvements over earlier Firefox 4 include support for more smoother CSS Animations, a Do-not-track setting and other minor performance tweaks.

Download Firefox 5 :