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XCode 4.2

Learn to Develop Apps For iPhone And iPad Using Stanford’s Free Course On iTunes U

Ivy League school Stanford is offering its popular iOS app development course for Free on iTunes U. The most up to date version of the course on developing for iOS 5 is available, and any iTunes customer can  download class lectures and presentation slides. The course from Stanford focuses on topics like “iCloud, streamlined notifications and wireless syncing” in its latest incarnation.

The basics of iOS app development are not covered in the course, so you have to already know Objective-C if you hope to learn anything.

This is a must have for any current iOS Developer wanting to learn about iOS 5 and iCloud.

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[How to] Turn off ARC for Selected Files or 3rd Party Libraries in XCode 4.2

This is probably the first time I’m writing something related to code development. With the introduction of iOS 5, Apple released the next version of its IDE – XCode 4.2.

XCode 4.2 came with many major changes. Developers used to XCode 4 or XCode 3 will face some problems initially. The most common problem faced will be with Automatic Reference Counting and its compliance with 3rd party libraries.

Your project will simply fail to compile if you have ARC on with 3rd party libraries not updated to use ARC.

But XCode provides a way to selectively turn off ARC for individual files whilst still enjoying the perks provided by ARC in rest of your project.

Follow these steps:

1. Click on your Project in XCode.

2. Select your project under “Targets” and click on the “Build Phases” tab.

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