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Cydia Apps

[How to] Enable Hidden Panoramic Mode in Camera App on iPhone

A hidden Panorama mode in iOS 5 has been discovered by @conradev. A panoramic mode will allow you to take multiple pictures of a wide landscape and stitch them together to get a super wide panorama view!

There’s no reason why Apple choose to disable this feature by default, but with a jailbreak-ed iPhone there’s always a way to enable back those stuffs.

A Cydia hack called “FireBreak” will enable this setting in the Camera App and allow you to take breathtaking panoramic photos.

FireBreak is now available on Cydia.

To install Firebreak:
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[How to] Lock and Password Protect Messages and Notifications on iPhone

It’s a usual thing that you get a message on your iDevice, and somebody in your vicinity manages to view your messages easily. Everyone needs a little privacy, and luckily, as reliably as clockwork, the jailbreak community is on hand to safeguard yours.

The new App called LockMessages which allows you to customize the alerts you receive on your Lockscreen or through the Notification Center.

This has features like:

  • User can change the sender’s name to a custom name of their choice.
  • User can alter the title to a generic sequence of characters, thus safeguarding your sensitive details.
  • Use now able set a passcode to Messages, providing a last line of defense against those who have the incessant need to busy themselves in the business of others.

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FastTweet+ Cydia App Enables Fast Tweeting on iPhone

So far we are using Twitter app on iPhone, for that we need to tap on Twitter app then activate tweet-input box, face unnecessary information and finally send. Now a new Twitter based app makes your process even simpler.

New app called FastTweet+ which is developed by Devin Snipes allows you to send tweets. The special thing about this app is this app makes the process simpler than previous one. There is no timeline nor support for DMs, the aim is to send out tweets quickly and efficiently. You have to just activate your app and send tweets.

From Cydia: “Requires iOS 5 or higher. This app WILL ONLY work on iOS 5 capable devices. FastTweet+ allows you to send tweets to Twitter. It’s that simple and it’s this free.”

It is tested and confirmed that on iPhone 4 it works as advertised. But this only supported by iOS 5 since it has built in Tweeter API.

WeeKillBackground – Background Task Killer for iOS, Kills Apps From Notification Center

Are you tired of closing down background apps on your iDevice Notifications center which consume a lot of unnecessary battery as well as RAM, and are looking for something to help you out?  Then here is the answer to your woes, introducing a new Cydia tweak named WeekillBackground.

There is no need to explain it to you what this app is all about as the name in itself is self explanatory.This app is a boon for all iDevice users which were worried of lots and lots of battery and memory consumption that would happen due to such background apps.

The jailbreak community has come forward and done a world of good by releasing this tweak for iOS 5. Once installed via Cydia, WeeKillBackground adds a button to Notification Center’s pull-down drawer which, once tapped, closes all running applications and processes, freeing up some much needed memory.

To Install it on your iPhone follow the simple 3 steps below:

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Download PowerIcons To Quickly Reboot/Respring/DFU/Shutdown your iDevice

With Apple launching apps, adding new features and tweaking old ones there is need for iDevice users to frequently restart their devices.

To simplify this need PowerIcons is at your disposal. Now users have can get PowerIcons free from the Cydia app store under the BigBoss repo. PowerIcons adds four useful icons to your Jailbroken spring board – Reboot, Respring, Safe-Mode and Shutdown. With these users can get quick access to system options. After the install you will get following list with no option to configure.

Power Icons


If you happen  to frequently tweak your iDevice or Install/Uninstall via Cydia then it will help you immensely, by pressing any of those four buttons is no doubt quicker than the customary holding of the power button for a few seconds, before sliding to power off. It will save you enough time as compared to when done in traditional manner.

However, you will need to jailbreak your device in order for this tweak to work.

To install PowerIcon :

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Winterboard Now Supports Your Jailbroken iOS 5 Device

So you have already updated your iDevice’s to iOS 5 update and done with jailbreaking the devices ? Well it’s now time for some cool things to try out on your iPad,iPod Touch or the iPhone.

If you are fond of changing themes on your iPhone or any other device,then you must be familiar with the Winterboard app,the app has just been updated to the latest version i.e Winterboard (0.9.3901)  and now with added support for iOS 5.

Here’s the changelog for the latest update :

  • 5.0: CSS Text Style Crash Bugs
  • 5.0: Cache Delete (Thanks iHaz3!)
  • 5.0: Clear SMS (Thanks Sakurina!)
  • 4+5: IconAlpha Fix (Thanks NickF!)
  • 4+5: Dock Names (Thanks Surenix!)
  • @2x: WB Icon (Thanks Surenix!)
  • @2x: Massive @2x Reimplement
  • 4.0: Remove SummerBoard Grey
  • Lower-Level Hooks (More Images)
  • Remove Outdated Demo Themes
  • Rare _UIImageWithName(nil) Bug


So if you are willing to try out some new themes for the iPhone or the iPad or the iPod Touch then checkout for the latest version on Cydia.


Search Google from iPhone Notification Center

What will we do without Google? Did this question ever cross your mind? Over a number of years Google has become an integral part of our life. I can’t remember a day gone by without me not looking something or the other on Google. It’s time you Apple users to get hands on new offering from Google.

Now Apple offers a couple of ways to use Google search across its iOS devices. The most used is the search bar in Mobile Safari, and the other is the Spotlight screen just to the left of your Home screen.

Now there is another option to add to the above options, and it even manages to utilize the power of  Notification Center at the same time.

StatusGoogle is a jailbreak tweak, and can be downloaded for free from Cydia, the jailbreak app store.


Once downloaded, all StatusGoogle does is add a new search bar to Notification Center, iOS 5′s new way of handling all those notifications that users receive these days.Once  installed, typing in your search query and hitting Return will throw you straight into Mobile Safari, with the Google search loading automatically.

Check out the Video below:

UltraSn0w updated to Unlock iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 on iOS5

iPhone Dev Team has updated their famous Ultrasn0w software, which will unlock your 3GS & iPhone 4 under iOS 5.

UltraSn0w 1.2.4 is now available, which supports iPhone 3GS and 4G basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, and 06.15.00. now you want to unlock then only baseband is available is 01.59.00.

To getting things done quickly, user first needs to jailbreak their iPhone, so the only way to get iOS 5 on these devices while preserving the baseband is to use a custom IPSW for upgrade. Ultrasn0w is so far the easiest way to unlock iPhone. All user need is to just install a package on user jailbroken device.

The most important thing is, Ultrasn0w supports only few basebands so be sure that your version is supported & then you are good to go for unlocking your iPhone. Also note that all current iOS 5 Jailbreaks are tethered. Which means you’ll have to re-Jailbreak everytime you restart your device.

To Install it, open up Cydia and Search for “ultrasn0w”.