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Siri Successfully Ported To iPhone 4 and iPad Without Infringement

Many of the older version iPhone and iPad users who were not able to get their hands on the new phone were disappointed because of the fact that they were not able to use the new personal assistant Siri which came with the new iPhone 4S.

For such users who have previous version of the iPhone and have jailbroken them can make use of this new tool developed by “chpwn” which will  enable iPhone 4 users to run Apple’s personal assistant application, Siri, on their handset. A few days back “chpwn” broke this news on  his blog where he mentions of a tool named “Spire” which enables to port Siri on iPhone 4 without any copyright issues.

Excerpts from chpwn:

Spire is my (along with Ryan Petrich) new tool for installing Siri on previously unsupported, but jailbroken, devices. Spire is a small download, but while installing it will download Siri itself (directly from Apple). However, Spire is not a complete solution. Apple still requires authorization to use Siri, so information from an iPhone 4S is still required. To insert this information, Spire allows you to enter your own proxy server address. Spire uses a new method to obtain the files necessary for Siri, so it doesn’t have the copyright issues encountered by previous attempts. Similarly, rather than directing all traffic through a specific proxy server (and the associated privacy issues), Spire allows you to specify your own proxy server.

iPhone users who want to get their hands on this new tool can acquire it on Cydia. It will take about 100MB so hurry!!

To install Siri on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad follow these simple steps:

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Install Siri on iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G Courtesy H1Siri From Cydia Store

We have seen lots of developers trying their hearts out to bring the Siri port on the iPhone 4 and other older iDevices (other than iPhone4S which officially has the feature out of the box),many of them tried different tricks to fool the apple servers for getting their devices recognized as iPhone 4S while using the feature.

Last week we also reported about siriOus tool which was pulled hours after the release over the Cydia store,since the developer wanted to try  out different voice recognition technology for his app.Now as reported earlier today by iClarified yet another app has surfaced over Cydia claiming to be working on older iDevices named H1 Siri.

Though it’s not yet clear about how the port works for the older iDevices but it’s belied that like other hacks its also using a proxy to service the requests from the users, so expect somewhat buggy experience and request failures because of excessive traffic load on the server.

Checkout the H1Siri video in action:

To install it follow these steps:

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Create Custom iOS Settings With Preference Folders [Cydia Apps]

Another Jailbreak tweak on offer for iPhone users is the “Preference Folders“. As the name suggests the app lets iOS users create folders inside the Settings app. They can then populate these folders with whatever settings they like, creating a selection of most used settings or perhaps one that contains everything they never use, and just don’t want to see all the time.

If you happen to be the kind of person who is constantly scanning through his setting app in the search of one particular setting then, this app can be of great use to you.

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xCon Allows To Evade Jailbreak Detection by Apps On iPhone

Jailbreaking iPhone isn’t illegal, but its not that Apple has to like it. They probably hate it the most  and thus with each update they make it more and more difficult for the talented community to release a successfuljailbreaking tool.One tool Apple has developed to hamper  jailbreak users is to create apps that recognize a modified handset when installed via iTunes. Upon opening such apps, an alert will appear on your screen:

“Jailbreak detected. App cannot run on a jailbroken device.”

The user will then have no choice but to either restore their device to a non-jailbroken state or go without using the specific app.

Luckily, a recent tweak submitted to Cydia by the name of xCon attempts to bypass the issue. The tweak is free of charge but allows the workaround on only a few apps.

The short list currently supports the following applications:
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SiriOus Pulled from Cydia Store

SiriOus which was an attempt to bring the most popular iPhone 4S voice recognition feature Siri on the older iDevices like the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and other iDevices like iPod Touch without the requirement of any iPhone 4S keys or files.

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Chronic Dev Team Unveils C-Dev Reporter

Chronic Dev Team – the people behind the GreenPoison jailbreaking tool which was used to jailbreakiOS 4.2.1  have announced and released an all new program which permits jailbreaking enthusiasts to send their iOS device crash reports directly to Chronic Dev Team instead of Apple.

News of this new program comes straight from GreenPois0n blog in the form of a blog post in which iPhone hacker Joshua p0sixninja Hill gives an update on iOS 5 jailbreak, and also mentions how Apple finds exploits in iOS and iOS devices, how some of their critical userland exploits were patched as well as how you can now help the  jailbreaking communityin finding exploits so that the long-waiting untethered iOS 5 jailbreak for all devices, including iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, can come sooner rather than later.

The program – which is called C-Dev Reporter - basically sends all crash reports on your device to private, secure Chronic Dev Team servers instead of Apple. These reports are then studied by members of the team and the knowledge they gain is then used to find exploits which eventually will lead to a proper, untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.

The program also disables iTunes’ ability to send crash reports to Apple, so that they would be unable to patch these exploits.

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Infiniboard Enables Vertical Scolling of Apps in iOS 5

Infiniboard is a nifty tool for iOS based devices used for vertical scrolling of the iOS homescreen. The app is now updated for the latest and the greatest version of the iOS, i.e iOS 5 and is now available for download over Cydia Store.

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Music Controls Pro Now Available For iPhone [Cydia App]

Good news for all the music maniacs out there who are in search of an app to control their music collection easily. Their search ends with this new app called ” Music Controls Pro“. This new version of the tweak allows the users to control their music from as much as 46 music programs including Pandora, Spotify, Grooveshark and our very own standard iPod app.

Its special ability is that, it runs in the background, so pressing the Home button or interacting with other apps won’t stop the songsyou may be listening to. While the tweak is running  users can control their music collection by many ways including by your headset, by Bluetooth or directly from lock screen.

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