Essential Apple Tech For Your Home

Over the last ten years, the name Apple has become synonymous with high quality design and functionality. The company has produced some of the defining technology of modern times and has changed how the world interacts with gadgets. Apple products are omnipresent in many homes and can be used to create an intuitive and easily controllable home entertainment system.

While Apple Macs have always had a loyal following, the company first made serious inroads into the consciousness of the wider public with the iPod. The MP3 players were so successful because of their striking design and simplicity. The next major innovation came in the form of the iPhone and, most recently the iPad. These devices allow users to access huge amounts of music and media with ease. They become even more useful when used as part of a home entertainment system.


It’s now possible to purchase a sofa with iWave¬†installed directly within it. The iWave technology allows Apple fans to plug their iPhones and iPods into the sofa and enjoy listening to music in high quality via integrated speakers. The technology can also connect to music wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection, meaning it’s more convenient than ever before to listen to audio in the home. The sofa includes dedicated controls to ensure that changing tracks and pausing songs is simple. The stylish sofa can also be reclined using the touchscreen control pad, making it the ultimate piece of furniture to relax in after work. If individuals would like to enjoy a cold drink while listening to music or watching TV, they can take full advantage of the sofa’s cup holders, which have a cooling function inbuilt. The sofa is also great for relaxing and browsing the Internet while using an iPad.

Any sofa that includes iWave will naturally become the center of a connected Apple household. The technology offers a simple way for users to combine and exploit their Apple products to maximum effect. The iWave system makes it easy to control music playback at any time. Putting on a favorite soundtrack for a dinner party or catching up with a podcast is easy thanks to the innovative technology. The sofas offer extensive connectivity options, and users can even play music directly from a USB stick, SD card or alternative MP3 player.

Apple TV

Sometimes family members want to turn off the music and simply kick back and relax in front of their favorite TV program. Apple TV is an essential piece of home tech that facilitates this. The small box allows users to stream content from the Internet, iTunes and YouTube as well as a variety of other sources. Individuals can also access any content that they have stored on a PC or Mac. This allows users to enjoy television, films and photos on a large screen, all from the comfort of the sofa. Apple TV offers HD playback and is an important component in the complete Apple entertainment system.

Optimizing a home to make effective use of Apple technology can help anyone improve their downtime by providing seamless performance and extra control over media.