Seed is a Fresh New Email Client for iPhone


Email clients for iOS have been scarce so far with only Sparrow being a worthy alternative to the default mail app. But that’s about to change soon with several new email clients on the horizon including Mailbox and Evomail.

Seed is a new email client for iPhone. The first thing that you will notice is the clean interface and slick transitions. The top and bottom bars will slide away as soon as you begin scrolling through your email giving you the the much needed extra space and keeping you focused on just the emails.

The app support multiple email accounts via the IMAP protocol. That means you can use Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo and pretty much any IMAP compliant email service.

Seed gives you plenty of options while composing your email. There’s a rich text editor which allows basic formatting options and the ability to attach photos right from the compose screen. This is something which the native iOS email client doesn’t offer yet.

The bottom tab bar consists of  buttons which allow you to quickly switch between 3 categories of emails – Unread, Inbox and VIP.  You can choose to add a particular contact as VIP and their emails will show up in the VIP list.

Something which I absolutely loved about Mailbox app demo was the ability to quickly mark an email as read. The same slide to mark as read gesture is present in Seed. You slide to the right to mark it as read and slide to the left to reveal options to Star it, Reply, Schedule or Delete.

Starring an email in the Seed app will also star it on the respective email site. So if you star an email from your Gmail account, it will be reflected on the site too.

Coming to the scheduling of emails, the way this works is brilliant and I don’t know why this wasn’t implemented in most email apps before. A lot of times we get an email and simply want to ignore it for the time being but read it later or get reminded about it, at a time convenient to us. Seed will allow you to do just that and in a way thats simple, quick and efficient. I’m pretty sure this feature is why I’m going to use this as my primary email client till any better email solution comes around.

Seed is now available on the AppStore for an incredible price of FREE! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it.