iPhone 5 Price in India and Launch Details

The iPhone 5 has been launched nearly a month ago in the United States. Apple has been slowly rolling out the iPhone in other countries.

While it was previously believed that the iPhone 5 would reach Indian shores only in early December, multiple sources have now confirmed that the iPhone 5 will, in fact, launch in India on November 2nd.

The Indian pricing for the new iPhone 5 is as follows:

  • Rs. 45500 (16GB)
  • Rs. 52500 (32GB)
  • Rs. 59500 (64GB)

Since the iPhone 5 is facing supply shortage all over the world with even the US Apple Store slating a shipping estimate of 3-4 weeks, iPhone 5 will be available in very limited quantities in India. Because of this pre-booking for the iPhone 5 has already started.

I pre-booked my iPhone 5 on Oct 23rd for Rs.5000 from Maple, Bandra, Mumbai and expected to get it on November 2nd itself!

So expect a short hands on overview of the new iPhone 5 next week!