Best Screen Protector for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has been selling like hot cakes and since the new iPhone has a radical change in its size along with a brand new data port, the need for completely new accessories is evident.

Accessory makes from all around the world had already started manufacturing months before the actual iPhone 5 launch. So a lot of accessories are ready for shipping!

Screen Guards/Scratch Guards are some of the must have accessory for any iPhone owner.

A lot of people might not know that apart from scratch protection, the most biggest advantage of a screen guard is that it makes the screen highly resistant to getting shattered in case of a fall.

The iPhone 5 has a bigger screen and having a screen protector makes sense. There are literally 100s of brands out there selling screen protectors, some very famous like Zagg or the SGP GLAS.t.

What I’d personally recommend is instead of spending $25+ on these hyped-up screen protectors,  buy cheap screen guards which usually come in a pack of 3/6/9 for as low as $2 and do a darn good job!

Check out some of these links for buying a screen protector:

1. Unbranded Screen Protectors from Ebay Front+Back, Pack of 3 for only $1.95 (Recommended)

These are cheap but go the job well! The screen protector (not the actual screen) will scratch after a while, but thats no issue cause you get a pack of 3 and you can always put on another and make it look brand new again.

A simple search for “screen protector for iphone 5″ on Ebay would present you with a ton of cheap options.

2. Zagg Front + Back for $32

I have owned Zagg protectors before and trust me they’re not worth spending so much. Avoid getting Zagg.

3. SGP GLAS.t Premium Tempered Glass  $27.99

This one is probably the most innovative scratch guard cause its made from actual glass and also has oleophobic coating for smooth operation!

If you’re ready to spend above $20 for a screen protector, then I recommend buying these!

4. Best Skin Ever Full Body Protection $8.99

Another option, similar quality to Zagg but cheaper!


Final Thoughts:

If you’re willing to spend above $20 for scratch protection, you should get the best and I’d highly recommend getting the SGP GLAS.

If you want a cheap and affordable solution under $20, getting unbranded clear screen protectors in a pack of 3/6 from Ebay would be a wise choice!