A Taiwanese Popstar Accidentally Leaks the iPhone 5 [Rumor]

Adding to the on-going overdose of iPhone leaks, a new image has been leaked by a very well known Taiwanese-born Popstar “Jimmy Lin” who seems to be highly popular in China.

Jimmy seems to have leaked the image on his Weibo account. (Weibo is just like Twitter and Facebook combined, but widely used in China)

He said “It has been confirmed today that the iPhone 5 will indeed become longer” and that “It uses the same iPad aluminium alloy and a 4-inch screen, which has become thinner so it feels almost the same in hand” and then posted the following image:

From the looks of it, the image does seem real enough!

With just about 10 days to go for the iPhone 5 event, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out! Keep following us for more news on iPhone 5 leaks!