Apple’s New Headphones – A Short Overview

iPhone 5 launch is just around the corner. The internet is buzzing with new leaks about the iPhone 5 almost every day.

Today a new video has surfaced, which shows the supposedly new design of the Headphones which are to be bundled with the next iPhone.

As you can see from the image above, the design seems pretty unique and straight out of a sci-fi flick!

What’s interesting is the fact that it seems to have individual microphones on the ear buds itself. And I’m pretty sure this means theres some advanced active noise cancellation being implemented.

For those who are unaware, Here’s some short info about noise cancellation headphones from Wiki:

Noise-cancelling headphones are headphones that reduce unwanted ambient sounds (i.e., acoustic noise) by means of active noise control (ANC). This involves using one or more microphones placed near the ear, and electronic circuitry which uses the microphone signal to generate an “antinoise” signal. When the antinoise signal is produced by the speaker driver in the headphone, destructive interference cancels out the ambient noise as heard within the enclosed volume of the headphone.

We might just see a paradigm shift in earphone technology. Sure there are plenty of active noise cancellation based headphones out there, but those cost a bomb!

If the rumors are to be believed, Apple might just bring that expensive technology to the masses.

Apple Headphone design has not changed since several years now and the new design feels totally innovative but its not yet possible to comment on the comfort level offered by this redesign.

If they’ve perfected the noise cancellation technology and improved the acoustic quality of the headphones, Apple just might have revolutionized the headphone industry this time!

Check out the video showing the leaked headphones: