Download Tweetbot for Mac (Public Alpha)

Tweetbot is by far the most appreciated and publicly loved Twitter client out there. Tweetbot is currently available only for the iPhone and iPad.

Talks about a Mac version being in development have been around for quite a while now.

Tapbots, the people behind Tweetbot have just released an alpha version for public testing. So there might be some bugs here and there.


● Notifications for mentions, follows, retweets, favorites (10.8 only)
● Go to User (command-u)
● Option to open links in background (see preferences)
● Less intrusive tweet action overlay icons
● Double-click tweets in timeline now takes you to status detail
● Fixed some contextual menu issues in direct message conversations
● Fixed pull-to-refresh and scrolling to top issue when loading new results
● Tweetmarker will now set your timeline position on app startup always
● Fixed bugs and crashers related to composing tweets.
● Made large and huge fonts bigger
● Can swipe the empty space in a conversation to go back to previous view
● Can close image window with command-w (also space and esc)
● Menu shortcuts added to profile view: Command-d (direct message) and command-r (reply)

From my testing, I can say that its pretty stable for daily use. Everything feels smooth enough.

Go ahead give it a try, it’s free!

Download Tweetbot for Mac

Check out some screenshots below: