MacBook Air Fails To Sleep? Use SMC Reset! [Tip]

A lot of Mac users have the tendency to of immediately putting their MacBook Air to sleep by shutting the lid, since it is easiest method when you are on the go. Normally this would work without any trouble.However, sometimes  the MacBook Air may not sleep when its lid is shut. As the MacBook Air has no moving hard drive or sleep light, it may not come to your notice immediately and you may feel that Mac is sleeping when actually its not. And you may loose on the valuable battery by the time you realize. If this continues to happen more often then, the solution is simple and quick.You just need to reset the System Management controller (SMC):

  • Shut down the MacBook Air
  • Connect the MagSafe adapter
  • Hold down Shift+Control+Option+Power at the same time
  • Release all keys at the same time, then hit the power button again to turn the MacBook Air on

The key sequences for an SMC reset are highlighted below, this is specific to the MacBook Air but it would comply with the newer MacBook Pro models:


Once the MagSafe light flicks on and off, that would mean the SMC has reset and then you need to boot up once and that should do it, your MacBook Air should sleep normally again.


[via - OSXDaily]